When God Says “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”

I cant even imagine the uproar this would have caused among the people! They would have been floored by such a proclamation. The religious elite would have been outraged. This statement went against so much of what their culture deemed acceptable.But why was this so revolutionary? What did Jesus even mean when he said, I... Read more

How to Be the Bridge : Practical Steps to Racial Reconciliation

Racial reconciliation has been a hot topic in recent years, not just in Christian circles. The phrase itself may evoke a range of emotions in people, but at its heart the practice of racial reconciliation is complicated, messy and uncomfortable. Latasha Morrison has jumped headfirst into the messiness of this mission, wading through the hard... Read more

10 Ways to Let Go of a Toxic Relationship

Even as painful as toxic relationships can be, they can be even more painful to let go of. Here are 10 ways to invite God's healing into your life. Angrily, I set out alone at midnight to retrieve my car on foot. A major thunderstorm was brewing, but I was so mad I didnt care.... Read more

10 Differences between a Nice Guy and a Good Man

It always amazes methe toxic pull a bad boy image has on the hearts of women, especially on the young and naive. But as we mature, we should recognize the danger of being drawn to this type of personality. We see what once looked like the promise of a passionate love affair quickly degrades into... Read more

6 Reasons Socializing Is Critical for Mental Health

The speck in another persons eye is glaringly obvious when we never see ourselves through the eyes of others. We speak harshly about people who are different from us, forgetting how we appeared to God before Christ saved us.Now we stand before the throne of God, washed clean by the blood of the lamb, and... Read more

Hailey Bieber says her relationship with Jesus is only growing ‘deeper and deeper and deeper’

Hailey Bieber (r) said that her relationship with Jesus is only growing "deeper and deeper and deeper".(Photo: YouTube/Hillsong Channel)Hailey Bieber opened up about her faith and marriage to pop star Justin Bieber in an intimate sit-down interview with the Hillsong Channel on YouTube.Asked what she had learnt from being married, Hailey - a model and... Read more

Whats the Relationship between Inspiration and Translation? A Response to Bill Mounce

I am deeply grateful for the life and ministry of Bill Mounce. His Greek grammar was my introduction to biblical Greek as a sophomore at Wheaton College in 1998, and after using others over the years I still commend his as the best by far. I am also thankful for his work with Crossway and... Read more

10 Beautiful Truths God Has for the Lonely Woman

The great irony of loneliness is that so many of us feel alone! And although some of us require solitude to recharge, it’s important that we not linger in isolation. I wonder, how many lonely women among us have unintentionally isolated themselves from the community God has put around them? As you read that, did... Read more

6 Questions to Ask your Aging Parent Who Doesnt Know God

My father passed away recently. Unfortunately, we were estranged most of my adult life, which made our last days together even sadder. With God's grace, our relationship mended before he passed, but his departure was bittersweet. We were talking but we both knew the time was short. There was so much to say, and there... Read more

8 Things to Expect from Married Life as a Christian

1. Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24 ESV2. Enjoy life with the wife whom you love. Ecclesiastes 9:9 ESV3. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Ephesians 5:25 ESV 4. Wives, submit to your own... Read more

17 Bible Verses about Confrontation

When God met with Adam and Eve after they sinned, that was God confronting man (Genesis 3:8-11).When Peter and Paul were in a heated debate over whether Jews should eat with Gentiles (Galatians 2), Paul used this confrontation to reassert a very important pointthere is neither Jew nor Greek in Christ; we are all one.... Read more

Am I Responsible for my Husbands Happiness?

Susan Aken iBelieve Contributing Writer As a newlywed, I was a bit obsessed with keeping my husband happy. To the point that I often denied my own feelings.Husband: Are you okay? Me: Im fine.Husband: Anything wrong? Me: Nope, all is good.Meanwhile, inside, I would be struggling with anger or hurt. My motto which I adopted... Read more

Marriage in Heaven – Will I Still Be Married to My Spouse?

Will my spouse and I still be married in heaven? What if I've been remarried--how will that work in heaven? Although Scripture can be a bit enigmatic about the nature of heaven, Jesus does make one thing clear in the Gospel of Luke: even if we marry on this earth to an earthly spouse, we... Read more

10 Things Husbands Secretly Love about Their Wives

Cindi McMenamin Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer There are certain things about you that your husband finds irresistible.  He probably won’t brag about them to his friends. And he’s not about to make a gushy post about it on Facebook. In fact, most husbands would prefer to keep this list a secret. Not only are these things... Read more

5 Steps to Resolving Marital Conflict

We can speak the most eloquent words or make the most persuasive argument, but only God can change a heart. And really, only He knows what is truly best for us, our spouse, and our marriage. Hes strong enough, present enough, and powerful enough to work all things out for our good and the good... Read more

20 Wonderful Bible Verses on Friendship

May these 20 Bible verses on friendship help you both to make good friends and be a good friend. What does the Bible say about Friendship? Scripture provides us with some of the best advice for choosing our friends and maintaining beneficial relationships.  Also, there are many things we can learn about being a good... Read more

Should Christians Expect an Ungodly World to Live up to Godly Standards?

If I walked up and asked anyone at church this particular question, the person would likely say, no. However, the assumptions and judgments we carry reveal a different answer. For instance, when we hear of a couple who has moved in together before marriage, our judgement radar goes into overdrive. Or when we hear foul... Read more

How to Guard Against a Self-Centered Relationship with Jesus

The right way to Guard In opposition to a Self-Centered Relationship with Jesus

[ad_1] We Need to Be Ourselves Have interaction in an off-the-cuff dialog with nearly anybody in the present day and youre more likely to hear, Im a seven, wing eight; how about you? Adopted probably by, I dont know my quantity, however Im an ISFJ. Character checks and kinds abound, reflecting a society-wide drive to... Read more

Religion or Relationship? | Devotional by Kristi Huseby

Faith or Relationship? | Devotional by Kristi Huseby

[ad_1] Going via the motions doesnt please you, a flawless efficiency is nothing to you. I discovered God-worship when my delight was shattered. Coronary heart-shattered lives learn for love dont for a second escape Gods discover. Psalm 51.16-17 (MSG) As a toddler rising up in a Christian dwelling, I used to be informed that God... Read more

Have a Complicated Relationship with the Holiday of Love? | RELEVANT Magazine

Have a Sophisticated Relationship with the Vacation of Love? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] My neighbor Scott casually referred to as from his entrance porch, Gotten on any of these relationship apps but? I rolled my eyes and laughed.  Scott, for the tenth time, I dont need to be relationship proper now.  He shook his head incredulously. Unimaginable. Though Scott didnt imagine me, my assertion was... Read more

9 Ways to Guard Your Personal Relationship with God

9 Methods to Guard Your Private Relationship with God

[ad_1] Time and Power Required Like all wholesome and satisfying relationships, our relationship with God wants time and power. However giving time and power to our relationship with God really will increase free time and power as a result of it helps us get a greater perspective on life and order our priorities higher, it... Read more

The No. 1 Relationship Killer | RELEVANT Magazine

The No. 1 Relationship Killer | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] I obtained married in the summertime of 2017, and it was and nonetheless is a significant blessing for me (and hopefully for my spouse additionally). It was an incredible wedding ceremony, and we had the very best day ever. We dated for three years beforehand and so now weve been married for... Read more

Whats the Relationship Between Evangelicalism and the Oxford Movement?

Whats the Relationship Between Evangelicalism and the Oxford Motion?

[ad_1] The latest publication of The Oxford Handbook to the Oxford Motion, a complete single-volume information to this 19th-century social gathering and beliefs, has revived a dialogue which is now effectively over a century previous. That dialogue facilities upon the query of what was the unique and ongoing relationship between current evangelical Protestantism and the... Read more

How to Make Sure Your Relationship Lasts Past the Beginning | RELEVANT Magazine

Tips on how to Make Certain Your Relationship Lasts Previous the Starting | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Congratulations. You're recent in your relationship and your coronary heart might be pounding with pleasure. Or you might be studying this since you are getting near sealing the deal. Both approach, wherever you might be, welcome to the start levels of your relationship; stuffed with pleasure and pleasure. Relationships are a present,... Read more

How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Relationship and the Right Relationship | RELEVANT Magazine

Tips on how to Inform the Distinction Between a Good Relationship and the Proper Relationship | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Fragrance and incense deliver pleasure to the guts, and the pleasantness of a good friend springs from their heartfelt recommendation. Proverbs 27:9 (NIV) Most individuals know poisonous relationships damage us, however is it potential for good relationships to harm us too? Generally good relationships aren’t the proper relationships, so discovering individuals who... Read more

Yes, Christianity Is a Religion, Not Just a Relationship | RELEVANT Magazine

Sure, Christianity Is a Faith, Not Only a Relationship | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Extra weeks than not, I take into consideration skipping church. “We could just take this one week off, I tell myself. Well be back next week. Its cold out, anyway.” The writer of the e book of Hebrews wasnt coping with Minnesota winters when he exhorted his readers to maintain assembling collectively.... Read more

9 Millennial Relationship Problems As Reported By Therapists | RELEVANT Magazine

9 Millennial Relationship Issues As Reported By Therapists | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Life just isn't straightforward for Millennials: not solely are they coping with the legacy left by earlier generations (environmental crises, political instability and escalating actual prices), however even their love lives are being marred by a bunch of latest and present points which make courting, and loving, within the twenty-first century a... Read more