RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums | RELEVANT

Sufjan Steven’s surprise album release a couple of weeks ago, The Ascension, caused quite a stir among his fans and critics. And it got us thinking where the project landed in Sufjan’s all-time catalog. So, after two weeks of diligent research and debate, we present to you RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums. How... Read more

Here’s RELEVANT’s Quarantunes Mix to Get You Through Your Week | RELEVANT Magazine

Hey, quick question: what day is it? Honestly, the new normal is starting to feel like the regular normal, and the regular normal is just a weird version of the usual normal, if that makes sense. Most U.S. states are starting to edge towards a slow, mostly cautious re-opening, but the looming threat of... Read more

RELEVANT’s 5 Rejected Pitches for the ‘God’s Not Lifeless’ Quarantine-Centric Sequel | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] TheGod’s Not Lifelesscinematic universe has coated every part from atheists attempting to close down Christians to …effectively, OK, that’s about all of the universe has coated, but it surely’s discovered three film’s price of fabric there. This movie franchise stands ever able to repurpose its central idea of Christians discovering methods to... Read more