A Mighty and Glorious Revival of Religion – Tim Challies

It was in the darkest of days that God spoke the most glorious of words: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall... Read more

Set Free: Escaping Religion (Romans 2:12-29) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

10 Oct Set Free: Escaping Religion (Romans 2:12-29) Sermon Notes How do I become right/righteous? Or, what makes me a good person? Rom. 1:16I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes… 17For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for... Read more

Why We Should Talk About Faith and Policy, Not Religion and Politics | RELEVANT

The U.S. election is just over a month away and millions of Americans are once again turning their attention to how politics affect their daily lives. Yet, people on both sides of the political spectrum have become disaffected in politics. Indicators of democratic principles have fallen over the last there years and poll results released... Read more

Christian Iranian Couple Deemed ‘Not Fit’ to Care for Adopted Child Because of Religion

Christian Iranian Couple Deemed 'Not Fit' to Care for Adopted Child Because of Religion A Christian couple in Iran will be forced to relinquish their adopted child to the state because of their participation in a house church, according to Article 18, a Christian persecution watchdog group.Sam Khosravi and Maryam Falahi were deemed not fit... Read more

Phrase ‘Separation of Church and State’ Is Misused to Exclude Religion from the Public Square, AG Barr Says

Phrase 'Separation of Church and State' Is Misused to Exclude Religion from the Public Square, AG Barr Says On Wednesday, Attorney General William Barr delivered a speech addressing the common misrepresentation of the phrase separation of church and state at the 16th Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. The event was held virtually due to the... Read more

Engaging Islam Institute presents Christianity as a Middle Eastern religion – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — How can Western Christians understand the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East? Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says theEngaging Islam Institute tackles this barrier by presenting Christianity from a Middle Eastern cultural perspective. Houssney says, People have this underlying assumption that Christianity is a Western religion, that we’re trying to translate... Read more

Promise and Peril: The Decline of Religion in America

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Collin Hansen: Before the coronavirus pandemic, American religiosity had been in steady decline. When American religiosity peaked in 1960, one in two adults in the United States attended any religious service in a... Read more

Rehman Chishti resigns as freedom of religion special envoy over PM’s Brext plans

Rehman Chishti(Photo: Channel 5)Rehman Chishti, the Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB), has resigned over Boris Johnson's plans to override the Brexit deal and ignore international law. In his letter of resignation, Mr Chishti said he was "committed to delivering Brexit" but could not support the Internal Market Bill in... Read more

Teens may go to church with their parents but religion is less important to them – study

Ben White/UnsplashTeenagers tend to follow their parents' lead when it comes to churchgoing and religious beliefs, but they don't necessarily feel the same about it, a study by Pew Research has found.  In the study of 1,811 teens and their parent or legal guardian, eight in 10 evangelical Protestant parents had a teen who also... Read more

Uzbekistan maintains control over religion with new law – Mission Network News

Uzbekistan (MNN) — Uzbekistan is drafting a new religious law to bring all religious expression under strict governmental oversight. Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association says, It is not actually that much different from the existing law. You will see there are variations in minor aspects of the law, but it remains very difficult for... Read more

Trump Criticizes Biden: ‘a Man of Deep Religion’ Wouldn’t ‘Agree with the Bernie Sanders Plan’

Trump Criticizes Biden: 'a Man of Deep Religion' Wouldn't 'Agree with the Bernie Sanders Plan' President Trump on Monday doubled down on comments he made about Joe Bidens faith, saying the presumptive Democratic nominee cant agree with Bernie Sanders on a range of issues and still be a man of deep religion.Trump defends... Read more

The Sisters Who Pulled a Prank and Accidentally Started a Religion – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have... Read more

10 Warnings against Making Religion Your God

Throughout history, there have always been ways to display your religion to the world. This might have been through a hairstyle, a particular wardrobe, a piece of jewelry, or a way you communicate. If you find yourself carefully crafting your image or message in public and yet hiding particular elements about your life, there might... Read more

Cathedral at Nantes Is Targeted by Arsonist, French Catholics Fear Their Religion Is under Attack

Cathedral at Nantes Is Targeted by Arsonist, French Catholics Fear Their Religion Is under Attack VATICAN CITY (RNS) For French Catholics, the recent fire at the cathedral of Nantes is yet another sign that their religion is in danger. Over the past week, theyve felt both anger and profound sadness after seeing another beloved... Read more

Christians in India Return to Village Where Followers of Tribal Religion Attacked Them

Christians in India Return to Village Where Followers of Tribal Religion Attacked Them HYDERABAD, India, July 20, 2020 (Morning Star News) A Christian couple and their children were asleep in their beds in central India at 11 p.m. recently when villagers who follow the local tribal religion broke into their home and began beating... Read more

Support for homosexuality increases as interest in religion wanes

(Photo: Unsplash/Brian Kyed)People who say religion is not important to them are more likely to support homosexuality, new research by Pew has found.  The study analysed the beliefs of over 34,000 people across 36 countries, with the UK having one of the highest levels of support for homosexuality.  The report, released on Thursday, reveals rising... Read more

Sympathy Is of the Very Essence of Christ’s Religion – Tim Challies

It has been 12 weeks since I last worshipped with my church and in that time many of them have experienced trials and have suffered loss. Many have wept over fears and concerns that have threatened to steal their joy. In this time of being apart I have been pondering Romans 12:15 which commands “rejoice... Read more

No place like home: the place of the Temple in the Jewish religion

(Photo: Unsplash/Victoria Strukovskaya)Two or three times a day I walk on the moor near my home in Salford where the Chartists held their famous meeting of 1838. Here the Chartists would sit and discuss the issues of the day and also come up with solutions.It is this moor that has become my new synagogue, a... Read more

Who Ought to Get A Ventilator If There is a Scarcity? Individuals Are Divided by Faith. | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Because the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, medical provides are arising brief, forcing hospital employees to make split-second ethical choices about life and loss of life. For instance, which affected person ought to get a ventilator if there’s a scarcity? Ought to the ventilator go to the affected person with the best... Read more

Trump Predicted the Coming Election Day Will Be ‘One of many Greatest Dates within the Historical past of Faith’ | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] On Tuesday, the White Home performed a number of telephone calls with over a thousand religion leaders to ask for his or her help in encouraging social distancing tips throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. President Donald Trump took half in not less than one of many telephone calls, in keeping with Faith Information... Read more

Faith or Relationship? | Devotional by Kristi Huseby

[ad_1] Going via the motions doesnt please you, a flawless efficiency is nothing to you. I discovered God-worship when my delight was shattered. Coronary heart-shattered lives learn for love dont for a second escape Gods discover. Psalm 51.16-17 (MSG) As a toddler rising up in a Christian dwelling, I used to be informed that God... Read more

6 Suggestions for Studying Calvins Institutes of the Christian Faith

[ad_1] Some Steering earlier than Starting It might sound somewhat foolish to supply recommendations on how one can learn a guide. Dont you begin studying the primary web page and maintain going till you attain the top? Nicely, sure. And no! Calvins Institutes of the Christian Faith requires some steering, or else readers will get... Read more

Is the Decline of Faith in America Slowing Down? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] For years now, the fastest-growing non secular demographic in America has been the “Nones” those that don’t declare any non secular affiliation in any respect. It’s been a supply of consternation for non secular leaders making an attempt to woo Millennials and Gen Zers into homes of worship establishments youthful People have... Read more

Behind CTs Editorial Is a Disaster of America’s Faith of Whiteness

[ad_1] Through RNS Given President Donald Trumps rock-solid assist from the evangelical Christian neighborhood, the looks late final week (Dec. 19) of an editorial titled Trump Ought to Be Eliminated From Workplace” took many unexpectedly even, to guage from his Twitter feed, Trump himself. Little doubt he, like many pundits, spent final weekend questioning if... Read more

Research: Fewer People Are Giving to Charity (Probably) Due to the Decline of Faith | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Indiana College Lilly Household College of Philanthropy and Vanguard Charitable have launched the findings of new analysis evaluation that exhibits fewer People are giving to charity. In actual fact, the variety of adults in America who gave to charity dipped considerably from 2000 (66%) to 2016 (53%). For context, that comes out... Read more

Sure, Christianity Is a Faith, Not Only a Relationship | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Extra weeks than not, I take into consideration skipping church. “We could just take this one week off, I tell myself. Well be back next week. Its cold out, anyway.” The writer of the e book of Hebrews wasnt coping with Minnesota winters when he exhorted his readers to maintain assembling collectively.... Read more