Top tips for making the re-opening of your church accessible to all

Even church livestreams can be made more accessible(Photo: Unsplash/Jesus Loves Austin)The world of church has changed so much over the last few months, with changes continuing to happen as the Government plays whack-a-mole with virus hotspots. For those not in a hotspot and able to attend church in a building, everything seems so alien -... Read more

School Reopening Dilemma Is an Education in Itself – Christ and Pop Culture

Americans have never been able to quite agree on the purpose of education, and a brief look into the historical development of the institution in the United States provides a good explanation as to why. Public education, at varying points in time, was aimed at the following targets: biblical education, basic literacy, a means by... Read more

Scottish churches welcome re-opening of buildings for individual prayer from 22 June

Scotland is entering phase 2 of its strategy to emerge from lockdown(Photo: Unsplash/Artur Kraft)Churches in Scotland were today given the long awaited approval from the Government to re-open, but only for private prayer.They were among a raft places given the greenlight to open again by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Thursday, with others being shops... Read more

What will reopening churches look like? – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Different branches of the global Church has responded to the coronavirus pandemic in different ways. But almost every part of the Body of Christ has the same question; what happens now? How do we go from lockdown to fostering community? How do we enact Christs love during a pandemic? To help the... Read more

Bishop hopes Government ‘will see sense’ over re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Kyler Nixon)The Catholic Bishop of Plymouth has said he hopes the Government "will see sense" and allow church buildings to re-open to the public soon. Bishop Mark O'Toole said in a pastoral message to commemorate St Boniface on Friday, that the saint's steadfast faith in spite of life's trials was a model for believers "during... Read more

‘We’re not there yet,’ says PM on re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Andrew Seaman)The Prime Minister has resisted pressure to re-open churches before July. During Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, Boris Johnson revealed concerns about the rate of infection going up if places of worship open to the public right away. He was asked about the re-opening of places of worship by Jane Hunt, Conservative MP for Loughborough,... Read more

Christian leaders urge Government to allow re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Angela Baker)Church leaders are urging the Government to re-think plans to keep places of worship closed until July. The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, has written to MPs within his diocese to ask that they lobby for church buildings to re-open again. The open letter calls for an "urgent review of the continued closure of... Read more

Public back re-opening of churches – poll

St Aidan's Bamburgh(Photo: National Churches Trust)A new poll has revealed public support for churches opening sooner than the Government's timeline of July 4. Half of UK adults (49%) agreed that churches and chapels should be allowed to open their doors to the public sooner than July if they can ensure adequate social distancing, compared to only... Read more

Pastor Rick Warren on Re-Opening: ‘Saddleback Is Going to Be Patient’ | RELEVANT Magazine

While many states are lifting pandemic social distancing guidelines, healthcare professionals remain uncertain about the wisdom of resuming large gatherings. The U.S. continues to weather the most severe COVID-19 outbreak in the world, crossing the grim milestone of 100,000 deaths on Wednesday, and 70 percent of pastors have told the Barna Group that they... Read more

CDC Document Outlines Guidance for Reopening of Churches

The Story: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has compiled new Interim Guidance for Communities of Faith that outlines precautions churches may need to take when states lift their coronavirus restrictions. The Background: The CDCs documentwhich is not legally binding and has not been officially released yetnotes that the guidance is not intended... Read more

Church closes again after reopening as coronavirus spreads among congregants

Facebook/Catoosa Baptist TabernacleA church in Georgia which reopened after shuttering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has shut again after several families reported to have become infected with the virus.Catoosa Baptist Tabernacle, an independent Baptist congregation in Ringgold, Georgia, opened its doors to in-person services on April 26, just two days after the governor started reopening... Read more

How 6 Pastors Are Thinking About Reopening

About two weeks ago, a small-town pastor in Montana noticed that the governor of Idaho had issued guidelines for reopening the state. Well, thats right next door, Craig Wilson thought. He pulled together a dozen questions for his elder board: How should we configure the seating in the sanctuary? Should we keep the front doors... Read more

Churches need specific guidance before re-opening

(Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles)Christian charity CARE is calling on the Government to issue "specific" guidance to churches before they re-open as lockdown measures ease.The advocacy group said that the guidance issued to places of worship must engage fully with the diversity of church life across the UK. CARE's chief executive Nola Leach has written to the Prime... Read more