How to Root out Apathy with the Power of Habit

Legalism or Laziness For every article or book you read praising the practice of spiritual disciplines, youll find another decrying a regimented spiritual life for fear of legalism. Its true that legalismthinking we can attain a righteous standing before God by our own worksis possible at any point in a Christians life. Our enemy the... Read more

Evangelical Celebrity and the Root Problem behind Big Eva

Evangelical Celeb and the Root Downside behind Huge Eva

[ad_1] Earlier this yr Joshua Harrisseparated from his spouse and renounced the religion. The general public aftermath was the inevitable cascade of articles, blogs, and posts questioning and critiquing evangelical movie star tradition. It’s wholesome to critically consider evangelicalisms embrace of pastors or different “important” Christians as celebrities (Id commend Trueman and Anyabwiles discussions from... Read more