Pharrell Williams goes back to his church roots with new gospel choir Netflix series

Pharrell Williams (r) with his uncle Bishop Ezekiel Williams (l).(Photo: Antony Platt/Netflix)Pharrell Williams' new docuseries about putting together a gospel choir debuts this month on Netflix.  Voices of Fire streams from November 20 and follows Pharrell as he works with his uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams, in searching for undiscovered talent.  Bishop Ezekiel is the pastor... Read more

This Christian Musician Is Out to Expose the Pagan Roots Behind Big Syncopation | RELEVANT

Christian Berdahl is a Christian musician who runs a ministry out in California called Shepherd’s Call. Among his offerings: a twelve-hour lecture series called “Distraction Dilemma” that explains how modern Contemporary Christian Music has been corrupted by that wiliest of the devil’s schemes: syncopation. You, as a faithful follower of true Christian rhythms, are surely... Read more

American Capitalism Has Biblical Roots, Wall Street Veteran Says: ‘Wealth Isn’t a Curse’

American Capitalism Has Biblical Roots, Wall Street Veteran Says: 'Wealth Isn't a Curse' Capitalism has been assailed by seemingly every segment of society in recent weeks from the Vatican down to the halls of D.C. but a nearly 40-year Wall Street veteran says American capitalism is the best economic system because it has roots in... Read more

All Creatures by Rain for Roots: Music We Need Right Now

Get outside. Take walks. Smell the roses. Consider the lilies. This is good advice any time, but especially in the COVID-19 quarantine, when most families are a little anxious and stir-crazy. Gods creation provides a readymade source of peace, comfort, and wisdom if we only turn off our devices long enough to avail ourselves of... Read more

The Reformations African Roots

[ad_1] 5 hundred and two years agoon October 31, 1517Martin Luther publicly posted his Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg, Germany, and the Protestant Reformation started. Little doubt youve heard this reality beforeits the stuff of ninth-grade historical past class and the reply to the $200 Jeopardy! query, proper up there with In 1492, Columbus sailed the... Read more