When God Says “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”

I cant even imagine the uproar this would have caused among the people! They would have been floored by such a proclamation. The religious elite would have been outraged. This statement went against so much of what their culture deemed acceptable.But why was this so revolutionary? What did Jesus even mean when he said, I... Read more

President Trump Thanks Fallen Soldiers for Their Sacrifice at Memorial Day Ceremony

President Trump Thanks Fallen Soldiers for Their Sacrifice at Memorial Day Ceremony President Donald Trump attended two Memorial Day events on Monday as the nation continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic.Trump first attended a ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery. Unlike in previous years, where presidents have spoken at the site, Trump gave... Read more

The Church Will Not Sacrifice Anyone for the Economy's Sake | RELEVANT Magazine

The Church Will Not Sacrifice Anybody for the Financial system’s Sake | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Within the speedy throes of an emergency, somewhat flailing is to be anticipated. It’s human nature. We're, by and enormous, fearful individuals vulnerable to unhealthy, egocentric choices when confronted with a disaster. Concern is inevitable. What we do within the face of worry defines us. Are we hole individuals who give in... Read more

Why Obedience Is Really Better Than Sacrifice | RELEVANT Magazine

Why Obedience Is Actually Higher Than Sacrifice | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Obedience. Sheesh…. simply typing the phrase sends a flinch of discomfort by means of my physique. Normally once we consider this phrase its adopted by a slight eye roll, a palm to the face, and a deep sigh of anguish. I do know yall, weve all been there! We educate and lift... Read more

The Sacrifice of Praise | Daily Devotional by Mailyn Ehle

The Sacrifice of Reward | Day by day Devotional by Mailyn Ehle

[ad_1] Allow us to regularly supply up a sacrifice of reward to God…the fruit of lips that give thanks. Hebrews 13:15 Why is reward referred to as a sacrifice? I imagine it's as a result of true reward given within the less-than-ideal conditions of life signifies that I sacrifice my proper to grouse about folks,... Read more

Liberian village trades ancient human sacrifice for Christs sacrifice

Liberian village trades historic human sacrifice for Christs sacrifice

[ad_1] Liberia (MNN) — A village in Liberia with a ugly historical past now has new objective. Over a century in the past, villagers buried six women alive as a sacrifice for energy. They then erected six stones on the sacrificial grounds and worshipped these stones as a logo of energy purchased with blood. That... Read more