Love the Saints… and Everyone Else // Conrad Mbewe – TGC Africa

Conrad Mbewe continues his series in 2 Peter 1Christian, Grow Up!The focus is on a string of imperatives forspiritual growththat Peter delivers to all Christians. Of course the first step is tohave faith. But on this foundation we must build with quality materials in order to mature as Christians. Peter commands us toadd virtue to... Read more

Resurrected Saints and Matthews Weirdest Passage

As a child Id often convince my parents to give me one Christmas gift early, typically after our churchs Christmas Eve service. Wisely they would give me a good gift, but not the bestonethat would be saved for the next day. I got a foretaste, but not the full meal. Something like this happens in... Read more

Add Love for the Saints to your Godliness – TGC Africa

In the New Testament the phrase ‘brotherly kindness’ or ‘brotherly affection’ does not refer to the love of brothers and sisters in a natural family, but rather the love which occurs between fellow Christians in the church. A love for the saints, or people, of God. Conrad Mbewe continues his series in 2 Peter 1Christian,... Read more

What Will Suffering Saints Sing? // Christian Lwanda – TGC Africa

While we’re still in this season of COVID-19, it’s worth asking the question: what will suffering saints sing? When we are once again able to gather on a Sunday morning after COVID-19 has passed, and our members who have lost money, or even loved ones, due to this pandemic, return, what will we ask them... Read more