What Happens When Gods Timing Doesnt Make Sense? | RELEVANT Magazine

Taylor is a 33-year-old working on her masters in nutrition. Shes fielding several promising job opportunities, but shes starting to get anxious about marriage. Its been several years since her last serious relationship, and most of her close friends have been married for a few years now. Shes excited about the future, but shes... Read more

Bishop hopes Government ‘will see sense’ over re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Kyler Nixon)The Catholic Bishop of Plymouth has said he hopes the Government "will see sense" and allow church buildings to re-open to the public soon. Bishop Mark O'Toole said in a pastoral message to commemorate St Boniface on Friday, that the saint's steadfast faith in spite of life's trials was a model for believers "during... Read more

You Are What (Animal) You Eat: Making Sense of the Bibles Dietary Laws

I love bacon and ham and the occasional scallop. Sometimes, theres nothing that will substitute for a grilled pork chop. Yet for thousands of years, Gods people were denied these delights. Why? Many Christians immediately look for reasons of hygiene or health. Pigs wallow in muck, and pork breeds the larvae that cause trichinosis. Shrimp... Read more