Weekend A La Carte (August 1) – Tim Challies

I am traveling today! For the first time since February I am going to board an airplane and cross an international border. At least, that’s the plan. This should be interesting… There are lots of Kindle deals to sort through today! You may also want to take a look at their monthly general market deals.... Read more

10 New and Notable Christian Books for July 2020 – Tim Challies

Even in the heat of summer Christian publishers continue to bring us great new books! It has actually been quite a July for Christian readers with lots of notable books coming our way. Here are a few of the ones that stood out to me. Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This?: A Guide for... Read more

How to Survive the Coming Crisis (1 Peter 5:1-14) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

30 Jul How to Survive the Coming Crisis (1 Peter 5:1-14) Sermon Notes Posted at 14:12h in Blog, Sermon Notes by Mollie H Jesus trained Peter to be a leader for 3 years Jesus told Peter He was praying because Satan would attack, he would fail, yet be restored. Peter said he was ready to... Read more

How To Respond to Social Media Enemies – Tim Challies

The early promise of social media is that it would help us make friends. But as it has matured, it seems better suited to help us make enemies. Long gone are the happy days when it was all about connecting with others around shared interests. Today it seems to major in beating down others others... Read more

A La Carte (July 28) – Tim Challies

Amazon has board games on sale today, and they include some good picks. (e.g. as a family, we’ve been enjoying some of the Exit games.) Today’s Kindle deals include books by Francis Schaeffer, Jared Wilson, Randy Alcorn, and Warren Wiersbe. (Yesterday on the blog: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters) Further Reflections on Recent Conversations... Read more

The Conference Reinvented: A Global Event in a Pandemic World – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Getty Music. The team at Getty Music would like to remind you that summer registration for the Sing! Conference ends Aug 6, and if you use the code CHALLIES you can get 20% off! The Getty Music SING! Conference began in 2017 with a vision to equip believers,... Read more

The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters – Tim Challies

When historians look back on the twenty-first century Western world, surely few things will strike them as being more deranged and more sinister than its insistence that biology has no bearing on an individuals gender. While society has long acknowledged the rare existence of gender dysphoria, a psychological condition marked by discomfort with ones biological... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (July 25) – Tim Challies

As the week comes to a close, I want to remind you of MinistryNetwork by Westminster (this week’s sponsor) and encourage you to check it out. Today’s Kindle deals include some classics and a couple of newer books. (Yesterday on the blog: Parents: To Join Social Media Is To Witness Death) Remember, Its A Privilege!... Read more

Pray for the Best, Prepare for the Worst (1 Peter 4:12-19) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

24 Jul Pray for the Best, Prepare for the Worst (1 Peter 4:12-19) Sermon Notes Beloved (8X 1-2 Ptr) = prized/valued in a loving relationship (e.g. parent-child) Jesus – 2 Peter 1:17 This is mybelovedSon, with whom I am well pleased, Jesus life did not look like He was beloved 1. Fiery trial constantly under... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Ministry Network) – Tim Challies

This week the blog has been sponsored by Ministry Network by Westminster, and today they are giving away some free memberships. But what if things were different? Are you often discouraged by social media? If youre like us, then the answer is Yes! The big social media companies pretend to be freebut in reality, you... Read more

Parents: To Join Social Media Is To Witness Death – Tim Challies

Social media was still in its infancy when it showed me a death for the first time. All these years later the details remain vivid in my mind. A colleague said, Tim, check this out. He turned his screen toward me to show a blindfolded man kneeling before his captors. They spoke a few words... Read more

White Fragility and the Bibles Big Story – Tim Challies

Robin DiAngelos White Fragility is one of the bestselling books of 2020 and one of the resources most commonly recommended to those who are concerned with issues of race, racism, and racial reconciliation. In a previous article I attempted to summarize the book as a kind of narrative that explains what the world should be... Read more

A La Carte (July 21) – Tim Challies

I was told that yesterday’s link to the Logos sale was messed up, so I’ll try it again. Click here to see the sale on Zondervan products. Or click here to see a couple of Kindle deals. (Yesterday on the blog: White Fragility and Getting White People To Talk About Racism) Uncommon Brothers Marshall Segal... Read more

Join Hundreds of Believers Growing Together – Tim Challies

This sponsored post invites you to join hundreds of believers at Westminster’s new MinistryNetwork. Youve faced some hard questions if youve ever worked or volunteered at a church. What do you do when a debate breaks out in a Bible study?How do you keep your church together when you hear rumors of a split?How do... Read more

A La Carte (July 20) – Tim Challies

There is a handful for Kindle deals today, plus some from Saturday if you skipped the weekend. Logos users would do well to take a look at the sale on Zondervan products, since some excellent products have been discounted. (Yesterday on the blog: The Day I Was J.I. Packer’s Mailman) A Time to Mourn and... Read more

White Fragility and Getting White People To Talk About Racism – Tim Challies

It seems like the whole world is talking about race and racism and racial reconciliation. Here in 2020 the conversation has come to the fore with renewed force and renewed urgency. Perhaps no author has played a more central role in this cultural conversation than Robin DiAngelo and perhaps no book has been more widely... Read more

The Day I Was J.I. Packer’s Mailman – Tim Challies

You no doubt heard that J.I. Packer died on Friday, and since then many people have shared their memories and tributes. (See Saturday’s A La Carte for a few of them.) Sadly I never met Packer and never even heard him speak, though I was certainly blessed by a number of his books. But my... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (July 18) – Tim Challies

My gratitude goes to Westminster Books for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their new referral rewards program. Today’s Kindle deals include a handful of classics as well as at least one newer book. Logos users will want to check out the sale on Zondervan products. There are some great deals! (Yesterday on... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Westminster Bookstore) – Tim Challies

This week the blog has been sponsored by Westminster Bookstore. At the Westminster Bookstore, we are committed to distributing biblically faithful books to God’s people from Kindergarten to MDiv. It’s with this mission in mind that we are pleased to partner with Challies to give away some timeless resources which have blessed the Church for... Read more

How To Talk About God in a Skeptical Age – Tim Challies

The gospel of Jesus Christ is fixed, unchanging, and unchangeable. Just as God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so, too, is the good news of what Jesus Christ has done. But the methods and strategies Christians use to explain and defend that gospel can vary as much as humanity does. While there have... Read more

Suffering Leads to Sinning or Serving (1 Peter 4:1-11) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

16 Jul Suffering Leads to Sinning or Serving (1 Peter 4:1-11) Sermon Notes When Jesus told us to pick up our cross and follow Him He was saying: Christ suffered Christians will suffer My journal 14 Kinds of Suffering in the Bible Adamic Suffering general not specific and root of all suffering Demonic Suffering attack... Read more

Respectable Sins of the Reformed World – Tim Challies

Jerry Bridges gave many gifts to the church, not the least of which was his 2007 book Respectable Sins. In it he coined a term that describes a whole category of sins that might otherwise escape our attention. Respectable sins are behaviors Christians (sometimes individually and sometimes corporately) regard as acceptable even though the Bible... Read more

Announcing the Westminster Bookstore Rewards Program: Share $5, Get $5 – Tim Challies

This week the blog is being sponsored by the Westminster Bookstore. As a non-profit ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary, the Westminster Bookstore has been tasked with supplying the church with the best Christian books availablekindergarten through MDiv. We know there are many places to get books. But we believe that books play a profound role... Read more

12 Key Statements on Human Sexuality – Tim Challies

I want to encourage you to read at least part of a denominational ad interim committee report on human sexuality. That may sound rather drab and difficult, but I am convinced you will find it both helpful and rewarding. It won’t even be particularly difficult. So let me set the context and then tell you... Read more

If Ever I Have Longed for My Bed After a Long Journey – Tim Challies

Yesterday I returned from a journey. It was not a particularly long onejust a week at a little vacation home five hours away. But even at the end of a relatively short journey, it was a joy to return to my home, to my place, to my bed. And it got me thinking about this... Read more