Rick Warren Generosity Sermon from Real Faith Live | Real Faith

[vimeo 471778196 w=1060 h=596] This “from the vault” sermon from Pastor Rick Warren on generosity appeared on the Real Faith Live show on Oct. 24-25, 2020. The post Rick Warren Generosity Sermon from Real Faith Live appeared first on Real Faith. Article/Post Source

A Mighty and Glorious Revival of Religion – Tim Challies

It was in the darkest of days that God spoke the most glorious of words: “The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor shall the kingdom be left to another people. It shall break in pieces all these kingdoms and bring them to an end, and it shall... Read more

Crazy Grace: Good News for Bad People (Romans 3:2131) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

2 most important first things to learn 1. Who is God? 2. Who am I? Americas Four Gods [Atheist [5%]] The Benevolent Godengaged but not judgmental [24%] Unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-32) The Distant God not engaged or judgmental [24%] Secular Self-Righteousness (Romans 2:1-11) The Critical Godnot engaged but judgmental [16%] Religious Self-Righteousness (Romans 2:12-29) The Authoritative... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 24) – Tim Challies

My thanks goes to Thomas Nelson for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their sale on all sorts of great material by John MacArthur. You can find out more here. Yesterday I shared a review of Ligonier’s new A Field Guide on False Teaching. As it happens, it’s on sale now, in single... Read more

Doctrina: La Imagen | Real Faith

24 Oct Doctrina: La Imagen Posted at 03:00h in Blog by Ashley LINK TO PDF Para una clase completa sobre este tema, visite: https://realfaith.com/sermons/doctrine-5-image-god-loves/ Entonces Dios dijo: Hagamos a los seres humanos a nuestra imagen, para que sean como nosotrosAs que Dios cre a los seres humanos a su propia imagen. A imagen de Dios... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (RHB Publications) – Tim Challies

This weeks Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by RHB Publications. Everyone who enters will get a free e-book copy of Geoff Thomass new evangelistic booklet, You Could Have it All. In addition, five of you – chosen at random* – will each receive a copy of all of the following books. Puritan Reformed Theology by... Read more

A Field Guide on False Teaching – Tim Challies

Christians have always had to contend with false teaching and competing faiths. But what surely makes the current age unique is the sheer number and sheer diversity we may encounter in any given place. From my context in ultra-multicultural Toronto, it is not unusual to find myself in a setting where there are adherents of... Read more

Called to Leadership | Real Faith

22 Oct Called to Leadership Posted at 14:33h in Blog by Grace Driscoll As women, God is constantly asking us to lead different people in different ways. If youre like me, you might struggle at times with accepting the mission. Ive found that women who feel confident to lead are often not ready or teachable.... Read more

Sermon Transcript – Malachi | Real Faith

21 Oct Sermon Transcript – Malachi Posted at 09:41h in Blog by Real Faith Staff Sermon Transcripts Learn To Love A Study in Malachi Pastor Mark Driscoll Malachi #1: Learn To Love – All right, here we are, it’s time for Christmas. How many of you are feeling the pressure, time to get ready? As... Read more

Real Men: Blessed Men (Romans 3:1-20) | Real Faith

21 Oct Real Men: Blessed Men (Romans 3:1-20) Posted at 09:29h in Blog by Real Faith Staff Blessed MenWhy/How 2020 is the best & most blessed year of my life Blessings of the BibleRomans 3:1-2 Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? Much in every way. To begin with,... Read more

Random, Granular Tips for Christian Bloggers – Tim Challies

I quite often have people get in touch to ask me for tips on blogging. (No, blogs arent dead and yes, there is still a place for blogs in 2020. To that end, the forthcoming book Blogging for Gods Glory in a Clickbait World is worthy of a pre-order.) Earlier this year I offered some... Read more

A La Carte (October 20) – Tim Challies

Today is release day for Jared Wilson’s new novel Echo Island. It’s technically for young adults, but this not-so-young-adult enjoyed it plenty. Today’s Kindle deals include a number of solid picks. (Yesterday on the blog: Why We Need a Better Definition of “Conspiracy Theory”) Is It Hypocrisy to Ask Locals to Be Self-Supporting? I wonder... Read more

12 Classics from John MacArthur – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Zondervan Academic so they can tell you about an amazing sale on resources from John MacArthur. Known for his faithfulness to scripture, John MacArthur has become one of the leading Bible expositors of our time. He has written handfuls of books to help readers gain clarity and understanding... Read more

A La Carte (October 19) – Tim Challies

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to begin another week! Here are a few articles that may make for interesting reading… (Yesterday on the blog: The Word You Can Use Once a Year (and No More)) Men, Be the Chief Repenters in Your Homes What’s leadership in the home about? For one... Read more

Why We Need a Better Definition of Conspiracy Theory – Tim Challies

Irecently pointed out that new conspiracy theories tend to arise around shifts in power and that they often originate from those who have lost power or seen their power threatened. As you worked your way through that article, I wonder if you noticed that I didnt define conspiracy theory, something that, in retrospect, may have... Read more

The Word You Can Use Once a Year (and No More) – Tim Challies

I recently discovered Readwise, an app that has a neat featureit sends a daily email with a randomized selection of highlights from books in my Kindle library. This has proven an interesting way to encounter information I have read but long-since forgotten. A few days ago Readwise surfaced a quote from a book I read... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 17) – Tim Challies

My gratitude goes to Reformation Heritage Books for sponsoring the blog this week. Be sure to learned about the new book Puritan Reformed Theology (which is currently discounted). Also, here’s your regular reminder of my SquareQuotes site which is updated weekly and contains all kinds of great quote graphics. Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty... Read more

Crazy Grace: Bad News for Good People (Romans 3:120) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

2 Doctors – 1). mask consequences 2). make changes I got defensive, made excuses, raised objections, & he educated me =God Great Physician Rom. 1-2 spiritual checkup sinner; Rom. 3. answers us Objection #1: There is no benefit to church involvement. Romans 3:1-2 Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of... Read more

Are You Prepared For a New Batch of Conspiracy Theories? – Tim Challies

We are just weeks away from another contentious American election, which means we are just weeks away from roughly half of the American population savoring a great victory and the other half suffering a great loss. This being the case, we are, in all likelihood, just weeks away from the birth of new conspiracy theories.... Read more

A Master at Identifying Sin – Tim Challies

I am a master at identifying sin. I might be tempted to brag about that fact, except for this: While Im a master at identifying the sin in other people, Im a mere novice at identifying the sin in myself. And I dont think Im the only one. There seems to be something deeply embedded... Read more

Real Men: Rules vs Relationship (Romans 2:12-29) | Real Faith

God is Father, you are son (personal) Father leads you in relationship (personal) Father wants you to lead others in personal relationshipsAs men, we are led by rules so we lead by rules Men lead others as they are led (rules not relationships) =Results: win at sports & work but lose at marriage, parenting, friendship... Read more

A La Carte (October 13) – Tim Challies

It’s Amazon’s Prime Day today and, while that makes it a good day to buy a discounted Kindle device, I was hoping that it would bring us some special Kindle book deals. However, I was able to dig up only a few. (Yesterday on the blog: A Thanksgiving Family Update) The Evaporation of Empathy Chris... Read more

Learning from the Puritans on Being Salt in our World – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by RHB Publications, and adapted from Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theology. The church should stand against worldly infiltration and not look like spiritualized culture. How do we live out our Lords command in Matthew 5? Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost... Read more

A La Carte (October 12) – Tim Challies

I read this quote a few weeks ago and have often pondered it since then: “It is very likely that more Americans can name the four Hogwarts houses than can name the Gospels.” While there’s no proof of it, I expect it’s probably true. And it highlights the Christian’s evangelistic challenge, doesn’t it? Westminster Books... Read more

A Thanksgiving Family Update – Tim Challies

Today is Thanksgiving for us Canadianswe like to get the holiday out of the way a little bit earlier than our neighbors to the south. And since its a holiday I thought Id take it easy and provide nothing more substantial than a bit of an update on life and family. First, though, a word... Read more

A Call to Worship – Tim Challies

I have mentioned before that one important element of worship at Grace Fellowship Church is the Call to Worship. These sometimes involve reading a passage of scripture, but other times combine several texts into a responsive question and answer format. Heres an example that might bless you this morning as you prepare to worship. It... Read more

Set Free: Escaping Religion (Romans 2:12-29) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

10 Oct Set Free: Escaping Religion (Romans 2:12-29) Sermon Notes How do I become right/righteous? Or, what makes me a good person? Rom. 1:16I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes… 17For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 10) – Tim Challies

If you’re looking for some good new music, be sure to check out Sandra McCracken’s new album Patient Kingdom and Citizens’ new album The Joy of Being. Today’s Kindle deals include a few classics. (Yesterday on the blog: Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice) Your Church Is Not a Stepping Stone I think this... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Baker Books) – Tim Challies

This week the blog has been sponsored by Baker Books. And today they are giving away several great book bundles! The typical pastor has, at most, one course on counseling, and usually it’s a course on individual counseling. Most pastors have never had a single course on how to do marriage and family counseling. Yet... Read more