Christian Girls Become Target for Sex Traffickers

Christian Girls Become Target for Sex Traffickers Last month, U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr announced that more than $100 million in federal grants will go to fighting human trafficking, according to the Associated Press. Task forces, as well as nonprofits helping survivors, will receive the grants to continue their work.This is one of the top... Read more

Petition accuses Moody Bible Institute of sex abuse cover-up

The Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.Wikimedia CommonsA recently launched petition alleges that sexual abuse has been covered up at Moody Bible Institute and is urging a formal investigation. The change.org petition - which as of Monday afternoon has garnered over 2,300 signatures from students, parents and alumni - is asking MBI President Mark Jobe to address... Read more

5 Ways You’re Making Conflict in Your Marriage Harder for Yourself 

On the flipside, when you constantly remind yourself that hes never going to listen, never going to change, then youre anticipating more fights. And when they come, you tend to pack a mean Aha, I knew I was right! punch. You start slinging fists because you were right about him dropping the ball.If you revel... Read more

How to Pray for Your Husband instead of Trying to Change Him

Your husband will not change overnight. And perhaps, he might not change at all.Will you trust God enough to accept that EVEN IF your husband doesnt change, you will still trust that God is in control?A beautiful story in the Bible depicts this even if statement in Daniel 3:8-30 where King Nebuchadnezzar commanded everyone to... Read more

How to View Sex as Holy, but Without Shame

Something Ive learned over the years is that, despite good intentions, most of our Christian parents didnt do the best job of talking to us about sex.Most of our parents talked to us about being sexually pure from a standpoint of avoiding consequences, rather than the goal being to bring glory to our holy God.Even... Read more

5 Ways to Bring More Joy into Your Marriage

Our world tends to be overly serious. We forget to let ourselves relax and have fun. Think back to the last time you had a really good laugh with a friend or your spouse and how good it made you feel. Its been proven laughter can relieve tension and stress, boost your immune system, release dopamine... Read more

Archbishop Condemns Priest for Performing a Sex Act on His Church’s Altar with Two Women

Archbishop Condemns Priest for Performing a Sex Act on His Church's Altar with Two Women Friar Travis Clark, a 37-year-old priest of Sts. Peter and Paul in Pearl River in New Orleans, was removed from his position after filming himself having sex with two dominatrix women on a church altar, The Christian Post reports.The Archbishop... Read more

9 Romantic Ways to Get the Quality Time You Need, Even during COVID

Whether you reserve a spot at a campsite or blow up the air mattress and pitch a tent in the yard, camping is one way to appreciate the outdoors with a measure of privacy.If youre at a campsite, bask in Gods creations by observing the wildlife around you, taking a walk in nature at sunset,... Read more

Sex and the City of God by Carolyn Weber, Free for CAPC Members – Christ and Pop Culture

Sex and the City of God by Carolyn Weber is graciously available free to Christ and Pop Culture members until January 8, 2021, through our partnership with InterVarsity Press. I talk to myself. I always have. I also read voraciously, and that contributes to the inner chattiness. The opinions of my past and current selves... Read more

10 Scriptures Singles Need to Guide Their Dating Decisions

Betsy St. Amant Haddox iBelieve Contributing Writer Dating can often feel like navigating a field dotted with land mines. One false move, and youre in serious trouble! Whether youre naturally a cautious planner or an impulsive thrill-seeker, dating can be exhausting and discouraging. There are many ditches to fall into on both sides of the... Read more

7 Things to Do When You Know You’ve Made a Mistake

Crystal Caudill iBelieve Contributing Writer The question is not what should we do if we make a mistake, but when we make a mistake. Mistakes are normal, but that doesn't mean we should ignore the issue. Here are seven things to do to restore your life and relationships when you realize you've made a mistake.1.... Read more

4 Keys to Loving Someone When They Get Angry

4. Help Them Process and Prepare When my wife and I are about to drive in rush-hour traffic, she will regularly pull me aside before we get into the car and say, Jol, we are about to hit heavy traffic. Prepare yourself. Its going to be ok. It sounds silly, but that little reminder helps... Read more

30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Husband

Every day for the next 30 days, you will be challenged to pray in a specific way for your husband. Get ready to see God move in BIG ways in and through your marriage! Do you feel the need to pray more earnestly for your husband and your marriage but not sure where to start?... Read more

Real Men: Sex and a Mans Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength (Romans 1:18-32) | Real Faith

30 Sep Real Men: Sex and a Mans Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength (Romans 1:18-32) Posted at 16:05h in Blog by Mark Driscoll Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, Which commandment is the most... Read more

Government sex education guidance is a ‘victory for safeguarding and common sense’

(Photo: Unsplash)Government guidance on the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum has been hailed as a "victory for safeguarding and common sense" by critics. The guidance, from the Department for Education (Df), warns schools against promoting transgender ideology among students or using resources that have been produced by organisations "that take extreme political stances on... Read more

3 Ways Elder and Younger People Should Honor One Another

Elders need those who are younger to lovingly listen, respect, and connect with them. Younger folks need those of us who are older to let go, keep up, and show more of Jesus. My doctor started it. Medical charts don't lie. He knows how old I am. I've tried all of the tricks: Photoshop edits,... Read more

Is It Possible to Be Addicted to a Person?

All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be enslaved by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12If its not good for man to be alone, and if close relationships are the ideal, can you really be addicted to another person? It seems like... Read more

Who Taught You How to Date?

Be honest, who taught you how to date? My husband, Damien, and I were blessed. We both grew up as preacher's kids and in a two parent household. However, to be honest with you, we were never sat down and taught formally (or even causally) on how to date God’s way. Yes, even in a... Read more

Christian school worker challenges sacking over sex education Facebook posts

Kristie Higgs is taking legal action against her former employer for unfair dismissal and discrimination(Photo: Christian Legal Centre)A Bristol Employment Tribunal is this week hearing the case of a Christian school worker who was sacked after she shared a petition against compulsory sex education on her personal Facebook page.  Kristie Higgs is challenging her former employer,... Read more

What Does the Bible Say about Neglecting Your Wife?

A husbands is to stay faithful to his wife and not divorce her.Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth (Proverbs 5:18 ESV)Husbands are to be content and stay satisfied with their wives, even as they grow older and are less physically attractive, according to the worlds standards.Husbands, love your wives, and do not be... Read more

Should Parents Be More Vulnerable with Their Children?

4. Immerse Them in Scripture and Prayer In our constantly changing culture, we may feel intimidated by all our children face and encounter. Out of self-protection, this might motivate us to disengage. There are so many outside forces seeking to leave impressions on our children. There are teachers, classmates, coaches, teammates, and mentors. Add to that... Read more

10 Ways the Church Can Speak Love to Black and Brown Brothers and Sisters

As I sat in a home Bible study with two other couples, I wrestled with the question the host asked.He read an article that stated a certain percentage of people say they experience discrimination. He posed the question: How do they know? I pondered why he asked. Was this question a result of ignorance? Was... Read more

6 Encouraging Ways to Be a Better Wife

I didnt grow up dreaming of a fairy tale wedding or getting married. I was too busy dreaming of a CEO by day and a writer by night.I thought if I got married, I would lose myself amidst the mundane of chores, kids, and housework. I was the second oldest of six kids and I... Read more

9 Benefits of Worshiping during ‘Why, God’ Trials

When our prayers are being answered, when the test results are the ones weve prayed for, or when we get that job we really needed, we look up and praise God and have no problem worshipping him. But is that conditional worship? If God does what we want... then Hes worthy of praise? No. God is... Read more

Calif. Governor Signs Bill Bringing Sentencing Equality for Adults Who Have Sex with Minors

Calif. Governor Signs Bill Bringing Sentencing Equality for Adults Who Have Sex with Minors On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law that has sparked much outrage amongst elected officials, The Christian Post reports.SB-145, or Senate Bill 145, expands the judges discretion in determining whether or not an adult should be registered... Read more

10 Cliques That Exist in Every Church

Any community of people is bound to have a problem with cliques, and the church is no exception. But before you get up in arms at the idea of church members screaming "You can't sit with us!" across the sanctuary (Mean Girls, anyone?!), please know that cliques aren't all bad. A clique is merely a... Read more

Parents seek judicial review over controversial relationships and sex education classes

(Photo: Pexels/Kaboompics)Parents from different faith backgrounds have united to commence a judicial review into the new relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum. The judicial review, launched by the Let Kids Be Kids Coalition (LKBKC), will challenge the Education Secretary's decision not to allow parents to withdraw their children from relationships lessons.  The mandatory curriculum came... Read more

Half of All American Christians Say Casual Sex Between Consenting Adults Is at Least Sometimes OK | RELEVANT

Another day, another study revealing just how quickly the old norms of the American Church are shifting. The latest evidence comes from Pew Research, which found that whole Christians are generally more conservative when it comes to sex than the culture at large, they’re still a little more permissive than you might think. For example,... Read more

It Turns Out the Government Did Not Actually Take Down a Huge Georgia Sex Trafficking Ring | RELEVANT

Last week, the government sent out a press release that sounded like great news on the surface: U.S. Marshals Find 39 Missing Children in Georgia During Operation Not Forgotten.'” The press release explained how a government operation had rescued 26 children, “safely located” 13 more and made nine arrests. The story was broadcast from places... Read more

How to Love an Invisible God

4. Give Thanks Dont you just love to hear the phrase, Thank you? Imagine how God feels hearing our appreciation for His many blessings in life.Therefore I will give thanks to you among the nations, Lord; I will sing praises about your name. (Psalm 18:49)Showing appreciation to God is like a child showing appreciation to... Read more