Shame – Daughters of Promise – November 25

SHAMEBy: Christine WyrtzenAnd the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig-leaves together, and made themselves aprons and they heard the voice of Jehovah God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence... Read more

How to View Sex as Holy, but Without Shame

Something Ive learned over the years is that, despite good intentions, most of our Christian parents didnt do the best job of talking to us about sex.Most of our parents talked to us about being sexually pure from a standpoint of avoiding consequences, rather than the goal being to bring glory to our holy God.Even... Read more

Loose the Weight of Shame | by Claire Colvin

Have you ever played Hide and Seek with a two-year-old? You close your eyes and count to ten, turn around and you can see his feet sticking out from under the blanket. Its like that when we try to hide from God. We think were being so clever, but God just sees right through us.... Read more

How to Move Beyond Shame into Active Love

Shame. That word alone makes ones mind go to an unpleasant place. Its an uncomfortable feeling. Most of us have experienced something in our lives we are so ashamed of that we dont even like talking about this subject, let alone reading about it. I commend you if youve landed on this article, and I... Read more

8 Ways Shame Undermines a Marriage

Becky Beresford Author. Speaker. Dreamer. Its no secret marriage is a beautiful but hard adventure. When I first got married, I assumed there would be a magic switch that would transform us into people who loved, listened and learned well. But this wasnt the case. In fact, it was the complete opposite.I didnt take into... Read more

FARMS: Stepping out of poverty and pursuing freedom from shame – Mission Network News

South East Asia (MNN) The saving power of the Gospel means freedom. But often, physical circumstances provide challenges on this side of heaven. In rural South East Asia, poverty can combine with shame to provide constant struggles for new believers. FARMS International strengthens the local Church by helping Christians achieve sustainable business goals to leave... Read more

Why We Need to Talk about Shame

The world feels darker today than it has in a long time. The circumstances surrounding racism and a global pandemic are unearthing some fundamental things we need to address. Truth is under attack and without it, justice cannot be found. How do we move towards consistent, positive change? How do we find truth in the... Read more

Ties to slavery are a ‘source of shame’, says Church of England

Millions of Africans were shipped from places like this, the "House of Slaves" on Goree Island near Dakar, to a life of slavery in Brazil, the Caribbean and America.ReutersThe Church of England has apologised for the role of clergy in the transatlantic slave trade. It follows scrutiny into the ties some clergy had with slavery by... Read more

Menstrual disgrace hurts Kenyan ladies; sanitary merchandise supply hope

[ad_1] Kenya (MNN) — Lack of sanitary merchandise for Kenyan ladies on their menstrual cycles is a significant drawback. Just one out of 10 ladies in Kenya have entry to sanitary merchandise. The result's a domino-effect of hardship for Kenyan ladies. Pleasure Mueller with Kenya Hope says, Some will resort to prostitution so that they... Read more