Ministering to Wounded and Straying Sheep in a Pandemic

As COVID-19 has caused many churches to temporarily worship virtually, our gauges for the spiritual health of congregants have become muddled. Recent data also shows a decrease in online church attendance. How can church leaderspastors, deacons, and Bible study leaderswisely minister to straying and wounded believers in these socially distanced times? Fresh and Reopened Wounds... Read more

Please Take a Moment to Watch These Happy Sheep Lounging in the Sunshine | RELEVANT Magazine

Please Take a Second to Watch These Blissful Sheep Lounging within the Sunshine | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] There's alotoccurring proper now and no one would fault you for scrambling from information article to information article, making an attempt to get a deal with on the state of the world within the throes of a pandemic. The scenario right here within the U.S. is evolving quickly, as mayors and governors... Read more

Do We Care for the Sheep or Do We Use the Sheep? - Tim Challies

Do We Look after the Sheep or Do We Use the Sheep? – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Some of my favourite and most difficult descriptions of pastoral ministry come from the 20 th chapter of Acts and Pauls farewell deal with to the Ephesian elders. Right here Paul the planter and pastor is bidding a last farewell to the elders at a church he loves. And in verse 28 he involves... Read more