5 Biblical Warning Signs of a Self Righteous Christian

The word righteous feels like a very weighty term, often used without a very clear meaning. One wordly definition for righteous denotes acting in an upright and moral fashion. How those morals are defined depends on the person being described.Thus, the definition feels very subjective, dependent on the person and what they believe.When someones beliefs... Read more

President Trump Signs ‘First-Ever’ Executive Order Protecting Patients with Preexisting Condtions

President Trump Signs 'First-Ever' Executive Order Protecting Patients with Preexisting Condtions On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order that seeks to protect patients with preexisting medical conditions.According to CBN News, the signing of the order took place during Trumps visit to the swing state of North Carolina."My plan expands affordable insurance options, reduces the cost... Read more

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Officals from Closing Houses of Worship

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Officals from Closing Houses of Worship On Wednesday, Ohios Republican governor Mike DeWine signed a new bill into law prohibiting public officials from shutting down houses of worship across the state despite the COVID-19 pandemic.The legislation, House Bill 272, will go into effect in mid-December in the state, Cleveland.com reports.In... Read more

Calif. Governor Signs Bill Bringing Sentencing Equality for Adults Who Have Sex with Minors

Calif. Governor Signs Bill Bringing Sentencing Equality for Adults Who Have Sex with Minors On Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law that has sparked much outrage amongst elected officials, The Christian Post reports.SB-145, or Senate Bill 145, expands the judges discretion in determining whether or not an adult should be registered... Read more

2020 Watch: Researchers Have Found Signs of ‘Possible’ Life on Venus | RELEVANT

2020 can and will get weirder before it’s all over and, for all we know, the end may come from above. Yes,Nature Astronomyhas published a report from a team of researchers led by Jane Greaves from Cardiff University. They found huge quantities phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus quantities of gas that can not, as... Read more

Sudan signs peace deal with rebel coalition – Mission Network News

Sudan (MNN) — Sudans government has reached a peace agreement with the Sudan Revolutionary Front, a coalition of rebel groups from Darfur and other regions in the country. The agreement will end a civil war that has raged since 2003 and has killed 300,000 people in Darfur alone. The agreement covers landownership, power-sharing between all... Read more

‘Jesus Is Always the Winner’: Thousands Order ‘Jesus2020’ Signs ahead of Election

'Jesus Is Always the Winner': Thousands Order 'Jesus2020' Signs ahead of Election With the 2020 presidential election just a few months away, two friends from a small church in Alabama have started a special campaign that is pointing people to Jesus.Friends Joyce Hubbard and Martha Sikes put together the Jesus2020 campaign as a means of... Read more

10 Sure Signs He’s Not that into You

Betsy St. Amant Haddox iBelieve Contributing Writer Lonely isnt fun. Too often, women will look past the obvious in a desperate attempt to create a relationship that simply isnt there. Being aware of some of the signs of disinterest from a man is crucial to avoiding unnecessary heartache. When we waste time pursuing a relationship... Read more

6 Signs That Its Time to Define the Relationship

When it comes to dating relationships, one of the toughest conversations occurs when we must define the relationship. Learning where the other person stands within the relationship is essential. Lack of communication here can cause confusion and undue stress on both parties. Being clear on whether the relationship is a just a friendship, dating casually, or... Read more

‘This Is Truly Gods Creation’: Trump Signs Landmark Great American Outdoors Act

'This Is Truly Gods Creation': Trump Signs Landmark Great American Outdoors Act President Trump signed a landmark bill into law Tuesday that permanently funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund and provides billions of dollars to restore national park infrastructure.The Great American Outdoors Act, supported by a bipartisan coalition in the House and... Read more

10 Signs You Love Money Too Much

Dawn Wilson Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer Years ago, I watched the movie, "The Money Pit". The main characters made a foolish purchase of a house that fell apart, piece-by-piece. Soon their relationship started crumbling too. I remember thinking, I want to be wise with moneyit can a powerful tool for good, but it can cause destruction... Read more

5 Sure Signs You are Ready For a Relationship

I trust you! I heard these exact words as I laid in bed one day while struggling with my singleness. I felt elated because I knew God was about to do something special in my life. I just didnt know exactly what. I called my accountability partner and told him what I believed the Lord... Read more

5 Signs That You’re the Taker in the Relationship

Joanna Teigen Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer Remember when you first fell in love? Your relationship felt like the most exciting, rewarding part of your life.From the moment you woke up in the morning until your head hit the pillow, you were focused on your love. As you discovered each others favorite things, you treated each other... Read more

‘A Win for Florida Families’: Florida Gov. Signs Parental Consent Abortion Bill

'A Win for Florida Families': Florida Gov. Signs Parental Consent Abortion Bill Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Tuesday that requires consent from a parent or guardian before a minor receives an abortion.The new law, which went into effect Wednesday, also increases the criminal penalty from a misdemeanor to a... Read more

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Students’ ‘Religious Expression’ at School, in Homework

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Students' 'Religious Expression' at School, in Homework A bill that protects the religious expression of public school students throughout the school day and even with homework and other assignments was signed into law by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine last week.The Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act, which passed the... Read more

Trump Signs Order Strengthening State, Faith-Based Organization Partnerships in Foster Care

Trump Signs Order Strengthening State, Faith-Based Organization Partnerships in Foster Care The Trump administration issued an executive order Wednesday that seeks to improve the foster care system with several strategies, including increased oversight and an improved partnership between state agencies and faith-based organizations.More than 400,000 children are in foster care nationwide, with 124,000-plus... Read more

4 Warning Signs of a Pharisaical Heart

4. Youve Forgotten Your Deep Need for Jesus Last, but probably the most devastating symptom of a Pharisaical heart, is when we forget our own deep need for Jesus and his grace and forgiveness.We all need Jesus, desperately, but when our hearts become more Pharisaical than humble we tend to forget how great that need... Read more

7 Signs Satan Is Messing with Your Mindset

Sometimes in life, you will face discouragement. You will toil, work hard, give your best, and after doing all that, you may not get the result you wanted. After pouring your heart and soul into whatever you are doing, someone can make you feel unappreciated or of little value or worth.In moments like these, Satan... Read more

8 Warning Signs of a Double-Minded Christian

Meg Bucher (Megs) Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord. Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they... Read more

5 Signs You May Be Controlled by a Spirit of Fear

5. Compromising Compromise in interpersonal relationships is essential. Compromising on morals is not.Sometimes, when it seems like its the only way to survive, to keep people happy, to get what we want, we will compromise our morals. We will do things we know we shouldntor not do things we shouldin order to attain that which... Read more

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Social Media Censorship on Political Post

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Social Media Censorship on Political Post President Donald Trump approved an executive order this week that asks federal officials to hold social media sites accountable for censoring some political posts.According to The Christian Post, Trump said the sites are not a neutral platform.Today, I am signing... Read more

7 Signs God Is the One Leading Your Decision

When we navigate lifes decisions, seeking out the best courses of action to take, we want something more than just our best guess to guide us. As believers, we want to know that our choices are influenced by a greater power than the happenstance flip of a coin or the drawing of straws can offer.... Read more

10 Signs You Are Emotionally Overwhelmed (And What to Do about It)

RJ Thesman Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer Medical experts tell us multi-tasking does not work. Although we may feel more productive, multi-tasking actually confuses the brain and causes more stress. Likewise, when we are emotionally overwhelmed, our inner health is affected. Our souls become scarred and creativity flails. We lose energy even as the desire to help... Read more

RLC Indicators Assertion on Anti-Asian Racism within the Time of COVID-19, Be a part of Us

[ad_1] The Asian American Christian Collaborative has launched the Assertion on Anti-Asian Racism within the Time of COVID-19. Signed by Asian American Christians and group leaders throughout the nation, it denounces the present rise in anti-Asian racism in the USA of America. It additionally requires an instantaneous finish to the xenophobic rhetoric, hate crimes, and... Read more

6 Indicators You Wrestle With Insecurity (And How To Be Free) | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Whereas I used to be at a leaders lunch a number of years in the past, a well-known minister leaned throughout the desk with a phrase for me: The issue with you Jo is that its all about place! I couldn't consider what I used to be listening to. In any case,... Read more

7 Indicators You are Manner Too Busy | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Have you ever seen busy has turn out to be the brand new superb”? When somebody asks you the way you're, likelihood is, your default reply is, Good, busy, however good. Weve all heard the analysis that reveals us the impacts of stress and busyness in our lives, however what if our... Read more

Trevin Wax on Indicators of Hope for the Subsequent Technology

[ad_1] The next is an edited transcript of this message. Please verify quotations utilizing the unique audio earlier than quoting. The apostle Paul writes this, And I'm certain of this, that he who started a superb work in you'll convey it to completion on the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6). Now, as Paul appeared... Read more

Yemen indicators peace deal – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Yemen (MNN) Determined to cease the bloody battle tearing Yemen aside, Saudi Arabia brokered a deal this week between the federal government and southern separatists. In accordance with theArmed Battle Location and Occasion InformationUndertaking (ACLED), the conflict has price over 100,000 lives within the 5 years because it started. It started with the Houthi... Read more

From Indicators to A Quiet Place: Perspective in Apocalyptic Horror – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Each different Tuesday inStoried,Okay. B. Hoyleexplores the methods our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a complete. I am an simply frightened particular person, liable to nightmares and ideation of horror situations on the mere suggestion of frightful imagery. As such, I are inclined to keep away from horror films... Read more

Eurasia Deaf study that God indicators, too – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Eurasia (MNN) Deaf all through Eurasia are studying that God indicators communicates utilizing an indication language and so they can know Him by watching His Phrase. They've this mindset that they must learn a printed Bible, however that’s not of their first language. Their first language is signal language, Jeremy Roe explains. Roe, a... Read more