Sisters, You Have Permission to Lead an Ordinary Life

You’re special. Dont let anyone limit your potential. Youre made for more. Your life is up to you. Exercise more. Eat better. Make time for yourself. Cheer others on. Give more. Do more. Try harder. Run faster. And, while youre at it, change the world. Solve injustice. Start a nonprofit. Lead a Bible study. Read... Read more

Friends as Sisters | Real Faith

30 Sep Friends as Sisters Posted at 17:32h in Blog by Ashley SEPTEMBER IS FRIENDSHIP MONTH for REAL WOMEN with blogs, Dear Grace videos, and testimonies By Ashley Chase and Alexie Driscoll Growing up, Alexie and I (Ashley) always shared a room. Although we come from the same family, in many ways we are complete... Read more

Twin Sisters Kidnapped, Pastor and Three Other Christians Killed in Nigeria

Twin Sisters Kidnapped, Pastor and Three Other Christians Killed in Nigeria JOS, Nigeria, September 22, 2020 (Morning Star News) A church elder was shot as his daughters were kidnapped in northwest Nigeria on Friday (Sept. 18), days after a pastor and three other Christians in a north-central state were killed earlier this month.Hassana and Hussaina... Read more

10 Ways the Church Can Speak Love to Black and Brown Brothers and Sisters

As I sat in a home Bible study with two other couples, I wrestled with the question the host asked.He read an article that stated a certain percentage of people say they experience discrimination. He posed the question: How do they know? I pondered why he asked. Was this question a result of ignorance? Was... Read more

Priest Kicks Autistic 7-Year-Old Out of His Sister’s Baptism Ceremony

Priest Kicks Autistic 7-Year-Old Out of His Sister's Baptism Ceremony A New Jersey mom says she wants an apology after a Catholic church priest kicked her autistic son out of a private baptism ceremony.Julia Vicidomini said Rev. Luke Duc Tran, the priest at Christ the King Church in Hillside, told her 7-year-old son... Read more

10 Things Black Brothers and Sisters Most Need to Hear from the Church

As a Christian, I have always felt that regardless of the color of my skin, the church would be a safe place. I imagined there would be no discrimination, no hierarchy based on race, no infiltration of laws that diminished Black people. Perhaps this was all in my imagination, because though I know this is... Read more

The Sisters Who Pulled a Prank and Accidentally Started a Religion – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have... Read more

The Clark Sisters’ Karen Clark Sheard Opens up about the Gospel Group’s Journey to Fame

The Clark Sisters' Karen Clark Sheard Opens up about the Gospel Group's Journey to Fame Even though the year is only halfway through, for many, 2020 is a year they would like to leave behind. For Karen Clark Sheard, however, its been one to embrace.Sheard is a part of the Gospel music group,... Read more