Situation for religious minorities has ‘deteriorated’ during Covid-19

Pakistani Christians protest for greater protection after suicide bomb attacks on two churches in Lahore in March 2015.ReutersParliamentarians and human rights groups have written to the Government warning that the situation for religious minorities around the world has "deteriorated" during the Covid-19 crisis. The letter, sent to Foreign Office Minister Lord Ahmad, says that new trends "closely... Read more

Bob Goff on the Turkey Situation: Friends Dont Abandon Their Friends | RELEVANT Magazine

Bob Goff on the Turkey State of affairs: Pals Dont Abandon Their Pals | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Author, humanitarian and speaker Bob Goff has taken to Twitter to share his ideas on the scenario unfolding in Syria, the place Turkish troops are attacking Kurdish villages. Pals dont abandon their pals. Laying down our lives means standing up for somebody elses. #kurds“ For years, the Kurds have been a detailed... Read more