Is Opposing Gay Marriage Just as Bad as Supporting Slavery?

Taylor Turkington: Hey, Rebecca. This is a good question I have for you here. It says, Christians at one point use the Bible to justify slavery. How is that different from Christians today who invoke the Bible to justify opposition to gay marriage? Rebecca McLaughlin: It’s an extremely important question. There are multiple reasons to... Read more

Al Mohler Says Comments He Made About Slavery on a 1998 CNN Interview Were ‘Stupid’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Religion News Service has resurfaced some comments about slavery made by the longtime president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler. In a 1998 interview onLarry King Live, Mohler said that the Bible doesn’t endorse slavery, but says it does command slaves to obey their masters. When pressed on whether or not that... Read more

Rebecca Bender

My Escape from Slavery – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] By Rebecca Bender Editors Be aware: For practically six years, Rebecca Bender was offered throughout the underground world of intercourse trafficking in Las Vegas. She was branded, crushed, instructed when to sleep and what to put on, and traded between traffickers. This text shares the start of her restoration and deliverance from slavery and... Read more