Why it’s never been more important for the Church to stand against modern slavery

(Photo: Unsplash/AidaL)Today, I received a text message from a colleague at International Justice Mission asking if I could urgently pray for a group of children they had just rescued from slavery with local police. Some of them are in a very bad way. It is Anti-Slavery Day today. Every year, as 18 October comes round,... Read more

Dramatic increase in UK slavery survivors being supported by The Salvation Army

Car washes are one area where modern slavery thrives.PixabayRecord numbers of UK nationals have been helped by The Salvation Army after escaping from modern formsof slavery.  New figures show a 79% increase in British slavery survivors being helped by the Church's specialist support services, despite a fall in referrals during lockdown.  Of the 243 Britons helped... Read more

AMG International works to stop slavery before it happens – Mission Network News

Greece (MNN) — Around the world,millions of peoplestill suffer under slavery.AMG Internationalworks to help those caught up in this evil net and to prevent people from getting caught in the first place. Tasos Ioannidis says this problem is particularly bad in Greece. Because Grace is at the crossroads between Asia, and Europe, and Africa. So,... Read more

Jesus, Authority, Justice, and Slavery (1 Peter 2:13-25) Sermon Notes | Real Faith

28 Jun Jesus, Authority, Justice, and Slavery (1 Peter 2:13-25) Sermon Notes Our Perfect God Works Through Imperfect Authority 1 Peter 2:13Be subject for the Lords sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, 14or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise... Read more

Jonathan Edwards’ disturbing support for slavery: some reflections

A portrait of legendary American preacher Jonathan Edwards.Wikimedia CommonsThe American theologian Jonathan Edwards has had a huge influence on Christians on both sides of the Atlantic. The works of the 18th century preacher continue to be widely read; the well-known US pastor John Piper and prominent UK minister Martyn Lloyd-Jones have been among those in... Read more

Ties to slavery are a ‘source of shame’, says Church of England

Millions of Africans were shipped from places like this, the "House of Slaves" on Goree Island near Dakar, to a life of slavery in Brazil, the Caribbean and America.ReutersThe Church of England has apologised for the role of clergy in the transatlantic slave trade. It follows scrutiny into the ties some clergy had with slavery by... Read more

Is Opposing Gay Marriage Just as Bad as Supporting Slavery?

Taylor Turkington: Hey, Rebecca. This is a good question I have for you here. It says, Christians at one point use the Bible to justify slavery. How is that different from Christians today who invoke the Bible to justify opposition to gay marriage? Rebecca McLaughlin: It’s an extremely important question. There are multiple reasons to... Read more

Al Mohler Says Comments He Made About Slavery on a 1998 CNN Interview Were ‘Stupid’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Religion News Service has resurfaced some comments about slavery made by the longtime president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler. In a 1998 interview onLarry King Live, Mohler said that the Bible doesn’t endorse slavery, but says it does command slaves to obey their masters. When pressed on whether or not that... Read more

My Escape from Slavery – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] By Rebecca Bender Editors Be aware: For practically six years, Rebecca Bender was offered throughout the underground world of intercourse trafficking in Las Vegas. She was branded, crushed, instructed when to sleep and what to put on, and traded between traffickers. This text shares the start of her restoration and deliverance from slavery and... Read more