A Slow Fade – Warrior Mom Wisdom – Week of October 13

A Slow FadeSometimes, actually many times, especially at lunch, my children get their plates and sit at the coffee-table. Jacob is 11, and his body is smaller so he has a little more room. Faith, on the other hand, will be 15-years-old this month, and her legs are longer than both mine and my husbands.... Read more

The Slow Burn of Insecurity | by Charles Stanley

How would you answer if someone were to ask, Do you feel good about yourself? Would your thoughts be filled with self-doubt and second-guessing, or would you be able to stand tall and say, Yes, I do? There are many behaviours and attitudes that clearly cross boundariessuch as unforgiveness, adultery, and greed. But insecurity is... Read more

Sluggish Down: Work in Progress | Devotional by Marilyn Ehle

[ad_1] it's God who works in you to will and to behave with a view to fulfill His good function. Philippians 2:13 The warning indicators are widespread the place street crews are both repairing present highways or constructing new ones: Sluggish Down: Work in Progress. To emphasise the significance of slower speeds all through these... Read more