How to Master the Art of Disagreementin the Church and on Social Media

Lets say youre in a conversation with fellow church member about an issue you disagree over. How environmental ethics play into what foods you choose to eat. How a presidents ability to nominate Supreme Court justices factors into your vote. How youre choosing to educate your children this fall. How should you conduct yourself in... Read more

Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice – Tim Challies

Do you remember the Emerging Church? Steeped in postmodernism and marked by more than a little progressivism, it rose to prominence in the early naughts and seemed as if it would present a formidable challenge to orthodox Christianity in the new millennium. Many viewed it as a severe threat to the gospel of Jesus Christ.... Read more

Seeing and Believing 266 | Dick Johnon is Dead and The Social Dillemma

It’s documentary week here on Seeing & Believing, featuring two new films from Netflix. Wade and Kevin dig into Dick Johnson Is Dead, an intensely personal new film from Cameraperson director Kirsten Johnson. By turns irreverent, playful, and deeply emotional, Johnson’s film explores the prospect of death and what it means to say goodbye. The... Read more

New York’s Governor Threatens to Close Churches, Synagogues if They Don’t Follow Social Distancing, Mask Wearing Rules

New York's Governor Threatens to Close Churches, Synagogues if They Don't Follow Social Distancing, Mask Wearing Rules New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he will close churches and synagogues in New York City if they do not agree to follow the rules concerning social distancing and masks.We know religious institutions have been a problem, he... Read more

3 Christians Arrested at Outdoor Worship Service for Failing to Social Distance, Wear a Mask

3 Christians Arrested at Outdoor Worship Service for Failing to Social Distance, Wear a Mask Three Christians were arrested in Moscow City, Idaho for not wearing masks and not social distancing while taking part in an outdoor worship service.Two others at the worship service were issued citations for also not wearing masks.Moscow Police Chief James... Read more

No One Believes in Social Injustice – Tim Challies

I have been spending a fair bit of time researching the topic of social justicesomething that has probably become obvious to you if youre a regular reader of this site. The more I read, the more I see how much of the battle is not merely one of competing ideologies, but of competing vocabularies. John... Read more

The Social Dilemma and the Bigger Dilemma

Last Friday night after my wife and I put our boys to sleep, we pulled up the new Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. Featuring a number of noted authors, scholars, tech leaders, and activists, the film helps explain the growing influence of algorithmic technology, especially in social media. Led by Tristan Harris, former design ethicist... Read more

Report: A Texas Pastor Says He Will Lose His License For Endorsing Joe Biden on Social Media | RELEVANT

The Baptist Standard reports that a 21-year-old minister from Arlington, Texas was told by his pastor that his preacher’s license would “not be renewed” after he used his social media account to endorse Joe Biden for President. David Bumgardner, a student of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminarys Scarborough College, received his license to preach on July... Read more

Evangelicals for Social Action Drops ‘Evangelicals’ from Name

Evangelicals for Social Action Drops 'Evangelicals' from Name The organization, Evangelicals for Social Action, is changing the groups name to Christians for Social Action, the organization announced this week.According to The Christian Post, in a statement, the Christian scholar-activist group says the word evangelical has become a polarizing term.Today the word evangelical in the popular... Read more

Christians, Lets All Stop Doing These 15 Things on Social Media | RELEVANT

What you do and say on social media actually matters.While many Christians carry themselves with kindness and grace at church, once they tap that social media app they transform into some kind of snarling beast. Christians are called to be Christs ambassadors: Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us (2... Read more

New book by Sammy Tippit explains how social media can spread the Gospel – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — In Multiplying Disciples: Social Media and the New Roman Road, author Sammy Tippit of Sammy Tippit Ministries shares how he has used social media to share Jesus with people all over the world. Reaching the Lost The book will be released this fall, but the idea has been in the works for... Read more

375,000 Sign Petition to Pull Cuties as Netflix Defends Film as Social Commentary

375,000 Sign Petition to Pull Cuties as Netflix Defends Film as Social Commentary A petition to remove Cuties from Netflix passed 375,000 signatures Friday, as pressure continues to build from the public and even legislators on the company to pull the controversial film.The movie, which launched on Netflix Sept. 9 and is rated TV-MA, follows... Read more

No change to guidance on church services as Government restricts social gatherings

(Photo: Facebook/Church of England)Tough new measures are being introduced by the Government in an effort to limit a second wave of coronavirus but for now at least, they will not affect church services.  The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, said the Church of England had received confirmation from the Government that churches... Read more

A False Rivalry: Gospel Preaching and Social Justice – TGC Africa

Gospel faithfulness as it relates to social justice has increasingly become a polarising discussion within many churches in South Africa. People feel compelled to take a side or make a stand for what they believe to be a proper expression of following Jesus. Unfortunately the question many are asking is, Which camp do you belong... Read more

When Solomons Fool Created a Social Media Platform – Tim Challies

The fool of the book of Proverbs is a vivid illustration of practical atheism, for this foolish man lives as if there is no God and as if God isnt concerned about human behavior. The fool may not actually deny the existence of the divine, but he practically denies it by choosing to live according... Read more

Yes, the Bible Is a Call to Social Justice | RELEVANT Magazine

Social justice demands a focus on societys problems, a necessary concern that conservative Christians have disregarded for centuries. As Spirit-filled, Bible-believing theologian Kenneth Archer puts it, Social justice is the Spirits cry for the poor and the marginalized, for creation polluted and in decay, and for the victimizers and victims. Healing is found in relationship... Read more

Tim Keller Makes the Case That Caring About Social Justice Doesn’t Make You a Marxist | RELEVANT Magazine

On Twitter, pastor, author and theologian Tim Keller engaged in a debate with reformed podcaster Jon Harris about social justice and its place in the modern evangelical framework. It was a debate Keller won, and it not only provides a great look a theology of justice but also a gracious, humble style of engaging in... Read more

The Place To Begin When Learning About Social Justice – Tim Challies

In recent days the topic of social justice has received much attention within the church and without. As Christians we are committed to living according to Gods Word, and so we have rightly been turning to the Bible to learn how it would guide us. We have been scouring its pages to see what it... Read more

Sean Feucht Is Being Accused of Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation on Social Media | RELEVANT Magazine

Worship leader and former congressional candidate Sean Feucht was already under scrutiny for his open-air worship nights which are being held in defiance of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Videos of his events show few (if any) facemasks and social distancing, and Feucht tells Fox News that this is his way of standing up to state-mandated... Read more

With an Eye to DNC, Faith Activists Hold Revival for Social Justice

Camille Mays hammers on a piece of a gun barrel being remade into a garden tool, as Fred Martin holds it with tongs on a blacksmithing anvil. (Photo by Erik Gunn)Fred Martin pulled out his tongs, gripping a piece of red-hot steel, from the forge and turned to place it on the anvil. Camille Mays... Read more

Why Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Social Media ‘Yacht’ Posts Were Problematic for Liberty University

Why Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Social Media 'Yacht' Posts Were Problematic for Liberty University (RNS) It may not be unusual for the head of one of the countrys largest evangelical universities to follow students or student groups on social media.Or to follow or share content by conservative political pundits. Especially if the school's leader has been... Read more

Christians in the Middle East hear the Gospel through social media

Social media is being used to share the Gospel in Middle Eastern countries that are hostile to the Christian faith(Photo: Open Doors UK)Each day this week Christian Today is sharing stories of persecuted Christian women who have leant on Christ and been strengthened in order to pull through the incredible hardships they have faced.  Today... Read more

Most American Christians Oppose Exemptions to Social Distancing Rules for Churches

Most American Christians Oppose Exemptions to Social Distancing Rules for Churches The vast majority of Americans believe churches should operate according to the same social distancing guidelines as other organizations, according to a recent survey by Pew Research Center. 79% of those surveyed said that houses of worship should be subject to the... Read more

Quarantine Can Turn You Into a Social Media Addict. Don’t Let It. | RELEVANT Magazine

With America on lockdown, many of us are spending more time with our phones and social media feeds than is normal or healthy. This piece, originally published in 2017, has some advice on how to curb the need for validation, information and entertainment Have you ever noticed that your greatest need can produce your... Read more

Social Distancing Has Banned In-Person Gatherings. It Hasn’t Banned Church. | RELEVANT Magazine

A number of high profile Christian leaders have recently held in-person church gatherings in defiance of local orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This piece, originally published in 2019, is a reminder that there is no law in America against the Church because the Church was never about the building. Recently, I wrote... Read more

How To Respond to Social Media Enemies – Tim Challies

The early promise of social media is that it would help us make friends. But as it has matured, it seems better suited to help us make enemies. Long gone are the happy days when it was all about connecting with others around shared interests. Today it seems to major in beating down others others... Read more

More Than 70 Percent of Churches Are Meeting Again, and Most Practice Social Distancing

More Than 70 Percent of Churches Are Meeting Again, and Most Practice Social Distancing Most Protestant churches in the United States have returned to in-person services, and most also are practicing social distancing by closing off certain seats to battle the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new LifeWay Research survey.More than 70 percent... Read more

Parents: To Join Social Media Is To Witness Death – Tim Challies

Social media was still in its infancy when it showed me a death for the first time. All these years later the details remain vivid in my mind. A colleague said, Tim, check this out. He turned his screen toward me to show a blindfolded man kneeling before his captors. They spoke a few words... Read more

Positive contribution of faith groups in social cohesion deserves greater recognition – report

(Photo: Unsplash/DNK Photo)The role of faith groups in social cohesion is undervalued, says a new joint report from the think tank Theos.  The report, 'Cohesive Societies: Faith and Belief', commissioned by the British Academy and the Faith & Belief Forum, says that faith is too often thought of as a risk to social cohesion.  There... Read more

John Crist says he’s been the ‘biggest hypocrite’ in return to social media eight months after sex scandal

John Crist's comedy sketches are popular on YouTube(Photo: YouTube)John Crist, who was forced to pause his Christian comedy ministry when sexual misconduct allegations surfaced last November, has returned to social media for the first time in eight months with a video thanking people for their support. On Instagram, the 36-year-old said the support of people who... Read more