Quarantine Can Turn You Into a Social Media Addict. Don’t Let It. | RELEVANT Magazine

With America on lockdown, many of us are spending more time with our phones and social media feeds than is normal or healthy. This piece, originally published in 2017, has some advice on how to curb the need for validation, information and entertainment Have you ever noticed that your greatest need can produce your... Read more

Social Distancing Has Banned In-Person Gatherings. It Hasn’t Banned Church. | RELEVANT Magazine

A number of high profile Christian leaders have recently held in-person church gatherings in defiance of local orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This piece, originally published in 2019, is a reminder that there is no law in America against the Church because the Church was never about the building. Recently, I wrote... Read more

How To Respond to Social Media Enemies – Tim Challies

The early promise of social media is that it would help us make friends. But as it has matured, it seems better suited to help us make enemies. Long gone are the happy days when it was all about connecting with others around shared interests. Today it seems to major in beating down others others... Read more

More Than 70 Percent of Churches Are Meeting Again, and Most Practice Social Distancing

More Than 70 Percent of Churches Are Meeting Again, and Most Practice Social Distancing Most Protestant churches in the United States have returned to in-person services, and most also are practicing social distancing by closing off certain seats to battle the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new LifeWay Research survey.More than 70 percent... Read more

Parents: To Join Social Media Is To Witness Death – Tim Challies

Social media was still in its infancy when it showed me a death for the first time. All these years later the details remain vivid in my mind. A colleague said, Tim, check this out. He turned his screen toward me to show a blindfolded man kneeling before his captors. They spoke a few words... Read more

Positive contribution of faith groups in social cohesion deserves greater recognition – report

(Photo: Unsplash/DNK Photo)The role of faith groups in social cohesion is undervalued, says a new joint report from the think tank Theos.  The report, 'Cohesive Societies: Faith and Belief', commissioned by the British Academy and the Faith & Belief Forum, says that faith is too often thought of as a risk to social cohesion.  There... Read more

John Crist says he’s been the ‘biggest hypocrite’ in return to social media eight months after sex scandal

John Crist's comedy sketches are popular on YouTube(Photo: YouTube)John Crist, who was forced to pause his Christian comedy ministry when sexual misconduct allegations surfaced last November, has returned to social media for the first time in eight months with a video thanking people for their support. On Instagram, the 36-year-old said the support of people who... Read more

The Power of a Social Media Fast | RELEVANT Magazine

When I jumped off social media, things changed. First, I started dreaming again. On the back porch, journal in hand, new ideas and thoughts flooded my mind. I wasnt copying, comparing or envying the lives of others. Something shifted deep in my spirit. Unconcerned about what others might think, I logged reflections, took note... Read more

Is Social Media Killing Us?

This is the question of all questions. Could you commit to thirty days without social media? It would mean logging out, deleting apps if it is too tempting. But it would mean choosing to walk away from the noise and the idol of social media in your life.That is exactly what I did when I... Read more

A Reminder From Tom Hanks: ‘Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Wash Your Hands’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Greyhoundlands on Apple Plus Friday, starring Tom Hanks in a script he himself adapted from C.S. Forrester’s novelThe Good Shepherd. As part of promoting the movie, Hanks went on theTODAY Showto share some cheap advice from America’s favorite uncle: The idea of doing ones part should be so simple: wear a mask, social distance,... Read more

Tony Campolo, Beloved Pastor and Social Activist, Recovering from Stroke

Tony Campolo, Beloved Pastor and Social Activist, Recovering from Stroke (RNS) Popular pastor and speaker Tony Campolo, 85, is recovering from a stroke he had on June 20, his family shared publicly in a statement on Monday (July 6). The stroke partially paralyzed the left side of Campolos face and body.He is currently... Read more

Virtual Dialogue in a Divided World: 10 Steps to Healthy Social Media Interaction

Social media. Probably the greatest advancement the world has ever seen towards people keeping connected with friends and family and whats going on in their lives. Its really beautiful. Sadly, its also an art exhibit or museum or cesspool or haunted house (pick your metaphor) that puts some of the nastiest sides of human interaction... Read more

Worship leader hits out at social media censorship of Bible verses and praise videos

Sean FeuchtWorship leader Sean Feucht has criticised the "crazy" censorship of Christian posts on Instagram and Twitter.  He said fans had got in touch with him to tell him that his posts about Christian worship had been blocked.  The posts showed some of the live worship he and other Christians have been taking part in... Read more

Worship Leader, Activist Calls Out Social Media Sites for Censoring Praise, Worship Content

Worship Leader, Activist Calls Out Social Media Sites for Censoring Praise, Worship Content Bethel worship leader turned activist Sean Feucht is calling out social media platforms for censoring his praise and worship related posts.According to CBN News, Feucht took to Twitter to call out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for promoting violent content of... Read more

Voddie Baucham Warns: Social Justice Is Not the Same as Biblical Justice

Voddie Baucham Warns: Social Justice Is Not the Same as Biblical Justice Dr. Voddie Baucham, who currently serves as the Dean of Theology at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, addressed the current issue of social justice on Glenn Becks program on Thursday.Beck, who learned of Baucham through his message entitled Ethnic Gnosticism,... Read more

John MacArthur Forewarned of Evangelicals’ ‘Obsession’ with Social Justice

John MacArthur Forewarned of Evangelicals' 'Obsession' with Social Justice Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California has long been warned Christians not to allow the line between social justice and the church blur.According to Faithwire, the eighty-year-old pastor cautioned that the social justice movement can be divisive.In 2018, MacArthur... Read more

Alabama’s Largest Church Comes Under Fire for Posts Its Pastor Liked on Social Media

Alabama's Largest Church Comes Under Fire for Posts Its Pastor Liked on Social Media Church of the Highlands, the largest church in Alabama and one of the largest in the United States, has come under fire in recent weeks after its pastor liked social media posts that some in the community considered racist... Read more

Social Club Misfits’ Marty Wants to Change the Landscape of Christian Music | RELEVANT Magazine

Martin Santiago is better known as Marty and best-known as one half of the excellent hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits. But as his new solo album proves, Marty’s got plenty of ideas left over for his own solo project:Marty for President 2.It’s a sequel to 2015’sMarty for President, coming just in time for yet... Read more

What Does ‘Social Justice’ Really Mean? | RELEVANT Magazine

What is social justice? A conservative Christian who was trying to reconcile his faith with the loaded phrase asked me this. Hearing that question, even as a Christian who has advocated for racial and economic justice for several years, gave me pause. It was as if my years of advocating for the common good... Read more

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Social Media Censorship on Political Post

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Social Media Censorship on Political Post President Donald Trump approved an executive order this week that asks federal officials to hold social media sites accountable for censoring some political posts.According to The Christian Post, Trump said the sites are not a neutral platform.Today, I am signing... Read more

Report: Trump Is Readying an Executive Order to Roll Back Protections for Social Media Companies | RELEVANT Magazine

President Donald Trump was openly furious about Twitter’s fact check of his false tweets about mail-in ballots and promised revenge. Now, according to the New York Times, that revenge will take the form of a new executive order. The order, which is still in the draft phase, would “make it easier for federal regulators... Read more

Evangelical leader casts doubt on some social distancing measures

(Photo: Unsplash/KaiPilger)Only time will tell "how good" social distancing measures have been, the head of the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) has said. In a letter to supporters, EEA General Secretary Thomas Bucher said there was a need to question what had been gained by social distancing, particularly in the light of some negative consequences, like poor... Read more

How to Talk to Your Family About Social Distancing

By the end of the year, social distancing may be the most important phrase you’d never heard of before 2020. As a preventive measure to contain the spread of diseasesuch as COVID-19social distancing is the simple practice of maintaining a distance (in this case, at least six feet) between you and other people. This also... Read more

3 Ways to Keep Social Media from Stealing Your Joy

Social media often seems to reflect the opposite values of God’s kingdom. Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers. Social media often seems to bless the outraged. Jesus said, Blessed are the meek. Social media often seems to bless the narcissistic. Im grateful for many godly Christian leaders who model an edifying use of social media.... Read more

How Social Media Worsens the Theological Divide

The Age of Instant Communication The people of God have always differed over some points of Christian doctrine. Though we have always had theological disagreements, the age of instant communication has transformed the way that we express our disagreementsand not always in a good way. The passing of another week simply means another controversy is... Read more

Jon Foreman on Social Distancing, Surfing and the Other Side of Quarantine Life | RELEVANT Magazine

Jon Foreman on Social Distancing, Browsing and the Different Aspect of Quarantine Life | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] On the floor, Jon Foreman appears constructed for quarantine life. The music-making, surf-loving Switchfoot frontman/bookworm has sufficient hobbies to maintain him occupied for years. What’s just a few weeks? However Foreman is in “mourning,” he says. Not simply friendships and actions, however of a specific amount of day-to-day freedom. You'll be able... Read more

Japan finally social distancing after April COVID-19 wave - Mission Network News

Japan lastly social distancing after April COVID-19 wave – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Japan (MNN) Japan faces a brand new wave of confirmed coronavirus instances as the federal government begins testing extra folks. Many have referred to the April uptick as a second wave, the primary taking place in March, however Takeshi Takazawa of Asian Entry views it as a delayed wave. Up till the start of... Read more

Is Social Media Silencing Our Souls During the Pandemic? | RELEVANT Magazine

Is Social Media Silencing Our Souls Through the Pandemic? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] As my head hit the pillow, my mind sprang into motion. Worries I had saved behind my thoughts all day abruptly vied for my consideration: What if my dad catches COVID-19 whereas hes within the hospital for his most cancers surgical procedure? How am I going to homeschool three youngsters? When will... Read more

When Jesus Social Distanced Himself

When Jesus Social Distanced Himself

[ad_1] By now weve all heard in regards to the actions of non secular leaders who're actively ignoring skilled medical recommendation to keep away from group gatherings of any measurement.Whilst mega-pastors publicly reveal theyre testing constructive for COVID-19, some church leaders are nonetheless selecting to collect their congregations in-person. Life Tabernacle Church in Central Louisiana... Read more

Social Distancing From Church Is an Act of Love, Not Fear | RELEVANT Magazine

Social Distancing From Church Is an Act of Love, Not Worry | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Sacrifice. Substitution. The final word mannequin of substitution and sacrifice was Christ, who gave his life in order that we'd dwell. We additionally may consider troopers, first responders and others who step into hazard to guard and serve. However what if laying down your life didnt at all times appear to be... Read more