7 Things Every Father Should Be Talking about with His Sons These Days

3. Leadership Men of the older generation were all about being the head of the house. Yet, being a leader doesnt mean disqualifying your partners thoughts and feelings. There has to be compromise somewhere. And when a man leads, where is he leading his followers? God wants us to remain focused on him at all times.... Read more

Texas Judge Gives Mom Who Wants to Transition Her Son’s Gender Sole Rights

Texas Judge Gives Mom Who Wants to Transition Her Son's Gender Sole Rights A Dallas judge ruled last week that a mother of an 8-year-old boy may solely decide to allow her child to transition from a boy to a girl against the fathers wishes.According to the Save James Facebook page, Judge Mary Brown ruled... Read more

John Ortberg resigns after investigations into his handling of son’s volunteer work with children

John OrtbergJohn Ortberg has resigned from Menlo Church following investigations into his decision to allow his son to work with children despite admitting he was attracted to minors. He was asked to tender his resignation by the California church's board of elders and agreed to do so last week.  "In recent days and after a... Read more

Do We Need to Talk Modesty with Our Sons Too?

With the ebb and flow of cultural and societal changes, words take on different meaning and the word modesty is no exception. What was considered modesty 100 years ago looks a bit different than what wed consider modest today. Even reading the word modesty in the title of this post brought a picture to your... Read more

Hope for Bad Sons on Fathers Day

Every year, when Fathers Day comes around, I think about my dad.Calling to wish him Happy Fathers Day! as an adult has never been easy, because he and I didnt have a good relationship. Even if I wanted to this year, though, I cant. Last August, my father passed away from an aggressive form of... Read more

Identity and Hope for Our Black Sons and Daughters

I didnt expect motherhood to change me the way it did.I knew having a baby would change “everything.” That seems to be the universal maxim you hear from almost every parent, bestowing their parental wisdom on us newbies. But when people said everything, I didnt expect that to include me. In the days leading up... Read more

Who Are the Sons of God in Genesis 6?

[ad_1] The interpretation of Genesis 6:14 is tough and controversial. The controversy facilities on the interpretation of the phrase sons of God. Who're they? The essential query considerations whether or not the phrase refers to human beings or to religious beings (demons). The total passage reads: When man started to multiply on the face of... Read more