‘Congratulations’: CNN Host Credits Trump for ‘Unmitigated Success’ of Vaccines, Operation Warp Speed

'Congratulations': CNN Host Credits Trump for 'Unmitigated Success' of Vaccines, Operation Warp Speed The success of the Trump administrations Operation Warp Speed has drawn praise from what some would say is an unlikely source: CNN.The network, which has been heavily critical of President Trump the past four years, applauded the vaccine effort during a segment... Read more

Ballot: Most Pastors Do not Truly Assume International Occasions Velocity Up Jesus’ Return | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Standard fiction and sure biblical interpretations typically hyperlink the return of Jesus to unrest within the Center East a lot so that you could discover some individuals who accuse Christians of deliberately goosing struggle overseas with a view to kickstart Jesus’ Second Coming. As only one instance, this GQ piece on evangelicals... Read more