Catherine de Bourbon: Steadfast in Oppression

Born in Paris on February 7, 1559, Catherine de Bourbon, princess of the blood of Frances royal line, entered a world in turmoil. As the Huguenot (French Calvinist) church grew, Roman Catholic authorities hounded Protestant pastors and suppressed Protestant meetings. In the 1560s, these tensions erupted into civil wars that left hundreds of thousands dead.... Read more

Wen Wei Chieh: Steadfast in Opposition

At 9 a.m. at a dock in Canton, China, Wen Wei Chieh waited. After six long years imprisoned by the Communists for her public witness as a Christian, she had finally been granted a permit to travel to Hong Kong. Only one thing stood between her and boarding the ship: the inspection of her baggage,... Read more

Esther Ahn Kim: Steadfast in Persecution

Shivering in her jail cell and huddled with fellow prisoners for warmth, Ahn Ei Sook (later known by her married name, Esther Ahn Kim) heard moaning from a nearby cell. It was coming from a 20-year-old Chinese woman who had brutally murdered her husband. The woman was said to be insane. She wore clothes that... Read more