Megachurch pastor steps back from ministry over sin of pride

Pastor Todd Wagner co-founded Watermark Community Church 20 years ago. He said he had been asked to "step back" temporarily to address his pride.(Photo: Facebook/Watermark Community Church)Dallas Pastor Todd Wagner has announced he's taking a break from ministry to deal with the sin of pride. Addressing his 11,000-strong megachurch, Wagner suggested that a pastor's sin... Read more

Jim Wallis steps down as Sojourners editor after op-ed row

SojournersLongtime progressive evangelical leader Jim Wallis has been replaced as editor-in-chief at Sojourners magazine after staff members resigned following his decision to unpublish a controversial op-ed accusing the Catholic Church of having a "white-power faction." Sojourners, a monthly magazine and online publication popular among progressive Christians that also serves as a social justice advocacy organization,... Read more

Government steps down in Beirut – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon is still recovering from the massive explosion in the port of Beirut that shattered windows around the city and killed hundreds. Read more about the strength of the explosion here. We reported previously that Lebanon had authorized the military to use special powers after the Beirut explosion. But Pierre Houssney of... Read more

Evangelical Christian Colleges Take Steps to Address Racial Justice after Criticism

Evangelical Christian Colleges Take Steps to Address Racial Justice after Criticism (RNS) After the killing of George Floyd on May 25, George Fox University, a Quaker-founded evangelical Christian school in Oregon, announced plans to change its campus culture, improve police engagement and diversify its board of trustees.Gordon College, a Christian institution in Massachusetts,... Read more

Lebanon’s government steps down after Beirut explosion – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) Over the weekend, Lebanese began taking to the streets for angry protests, even clashing with police.All this comes in the wake of the Beirut explosion that killed at least 200 people, injured thousands, and left over 300,000 people without homes. Monday night, the Lebanese Prime Minister and his government stepped down. Tom Atema... Read more

‘Global Body of Christ’ Steps Up: $250,000 Raised for Family of Pastor Killed on Roadside

'Global Body of Christ' Steps Up: $250,000 Raised for Family of Pastor Killed on Roadside An online fundraiser for the family of a Texas pastor killed in a roadside accident passed the $250,000 mark Wednesday thanks to donations from friends, acquaintances and even individuals who didnt know the minister.John Powell, the pastor of... Read more

10 Steps to Digging Deeper into Gods Word

After gaining an understanding of the passage and seeing how it relates to my current situation, it is now time to put Scripture into action. What are some practical ways I can live out the passage today? These are ideas I come up with to apply the principles of the Bible passage. For instance, if... Read more

Virtual Dialogue in a Divided World: 10 Steps to Healthy Social Media Interaction

Social media. Probably the greatest advancement the world has ever seen towards people keeping connected with friends and family and whats going on in their lives. Its really beautiful. Sadly, its also an art exhibit or museum or cesspool or haunted house (pick your metaphor) that puts some of the nastiest sides of human interaction... Read more

Tangible Steps to Freedom

Motivation is what gets you to start, and habit is what keeps you going. Jim RyunThese words summarize the path Ive taken to healing from my addictions: alcohol, promiscuity, and living a generally hedonistic lifestyle. I remember what first led me to my addictions–pain, boredom, sometimes just an empty feeling that brings you to a... Read more

Next Steps: A Night of Lament for Racial Justice The Gospel Coalition

Thank you for joining us for A Night of Lament for Racial Justice. Calling out to God in lament is a vital response to racial justice. Prayer moves the hand of God—and seeking his mercy, wisdom, healing, and help undergirds all our efforts. We must pray for racial justice, but it is not all that... Read more

Amid Protests and Pandemic, Dave Dummitt Steps in as Senior Pastor of Willow Creek

Amid Protests and Pandemic, Dave Dummitt Steps in as Senior Pastor of Willow Creek CHICAGO (RNS) Dave Dummitt said no to Willow Creek Community Church twice.When the Chicago-area megachurch first reached out to him about stepping into the role of the senior pastor, Dummitt worried it was not an environment that I felt... Read more

5 Simple Steps to Spending More Time with God | RELEVANT Magazine

As believers, we know how important it is to spend time with God. In fact, most of us would probably say that our relationship with Him is a top priority in our life. But how does that look on a day-to-day basis? It’s easy to say God is a priority. It’s a whole different... Read more

How to Be the Bridge : Practical Steps to Racial Reconciliation

Racial reconciliation has been a hot topic in recent years, not just in Christian circles. The phrase itself may evoke a range of emotions in people, but at its heart the practice of racial reconciliation is complicated, messy and uncomfortable. Latasha Morrison has jumped headfirst into the messiness of this mission, wading through the hard... Read more

4 Steps to Help Small Churches Implement Online Giving

With church attendance impossible in most places due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tithes and contributions may also decrease, and churches must rethink how members can continue the stewardship of giving. Steady giving is doubly important for small churches. Electronic giving is an effective way to maintain steady incomeand implementing it, even for smaller churches, shouldn’t... Read more

5 Steps to Resolving Marital Conflict

We can speak the most eloquent words or make the most persuasive argument, but only God can change a heart. And really, only He knows what is truly best for us, our spouse, and our marriage. Hes strong enough, present enough, and powerful enough to work all things out for our good and the good... Read more

Four Steps to Assist Small Church buildings Implement On-line Giving

[ad_1] With church attendance inconceivable in most locations as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, tithes and contributions may lower and church buildings should rethink how members can proceed the stewardship of giving. Regular giving is doubly vital for small church buildings. Digital giving is an efficient option to preserve regular incomeand implementing it, even for... Read more

A Information for Our Steps | Each day Devotionals by Ideas about God

[ad_1] The steps of a person are established by the LORD, And He delights in his means. Psalm 37:23 It's so encouraging to know tips on how to delight the Lord. Simply stroll within the steps He units for us!!! As we exit this week lets bear in mind to behave with braveness and do... Read more

Sudan taking steps in the direction of spiritual freedom – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Sudan (MNN) — Sudan is taking some steps in the proper course in the direction of spiritual freedom. However how far down the trail will they go? One constructive signal was Sudanese believers have been allowed to march in a Christmas celebration the primary time since authoritarian president Omar al-Bashir was ousted from energy... Read more

12 Steps to Making Higher Choices within the 2020s

[ad_1] Yesterday began a brand new yr and a brand new decade, which implies youve probably made a brand new set of resolutions. What makes resolutions so compelling is that they supply us with a contemporary begin, an opportunity to recommit to taking actions that can enhance our lives. But such resolutions are only a... Read more

Four Steps for Maximizing Time with Unbelievers

[ad_1] Eternally Vital Moments We reside in time however are destined for eternity. We work together with household over dinner tables, whereas watching tv, at trip spots, making strange plans, discussing calendars, swapping recipes, and getting immersed in a bunch of different mundane actions that appear disconnected from eternity. However, the truth is, they contact... Read more