Can the Church Accept the Story God Gave Us? | RELEVANT

Here we sit at a large wooden table decorated for an occasion we all interpret differently. We are awkward and fidgeting, fumbling through our brains for the next topic of conversation if this one dies down. Not really knowing one another, the boisterous laughs of discomfort and various conversations small talking at once fill the... Read more

China Changes Bible Story, Says Jesus Killed Woman Caught in Adultery: I, Too, Am a Sinner

China Changes Bible Story, Says Jesus Killed Woman Caught in Adultery: I, Too, Am a Sinner The biblical story of Jesus saving the woman caught in adultery has been twisted and given a new ending in a Chinese textbook, with Jesus killing the woman and telling her that He, too, is a sinner, according to... Read more

Gospelbound: We Have a Better Story

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Collin Hansen: What’s most important about humanity never changes. We’re made in the image of God and separated from our creator by our sin. We need a savior lest we fall under God’s... Read more

Survey: Many US adults not familiar with the biblical story – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — A new survey suggests that while as many as half of U.S. adults do believe in some idea of eternal life (Heaven, bodily resurrection, etc.), a significantly lower number believes it comes only from the death and resurrection of Jesus. Its not that many people dont have contact with the Bible, Greg... Read more

Pastor Sam Collier Opens Up about Trusting God to Make His Story Great

Pastor Sam Collier Opens Up about Trusting God to Make His Story Great Welcoming energy could be felt through the phone when Sam Collier picked up and said "Hello.Ive seen Collier up close several times at events, and frankly, he is a what you see is what you get kind of guy.That being said, Collier,... Read more

Everything Is Not Okay: How Chernobyl Tells Our Story – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. Im sure most everyone reading this has seen one or more of those memes going around that depicts the months of 2020 as a collection of snapshots of a single celebritys expressions. These memes... Read more

CNN Criticized for Redefining Women to ‘Individuals with a Cervix’ in Medical Story

CNN Criticized for Redefining Women to 'Individuals with a Cervix' in Medical Story CNN and other media outlets were panned over the weekend for avoiding the word women in reports about new cervical cancer screening guidelines.The stories focused on new guidelines from the American Cancer Society, which now recommends that women have their... Read more

White Fragility and the Bibles Big Story – Tim Challies

Robin DiAngelos White Fragility is one of the bestselling books of 2020 and one of the resources most commonly recommended to those who are concerned with issues of race, racism, and racial reconciliation. In a previous article I attempted to summarize the book as a kind of narrative that explains what the world should be... Read more

Kurt Warner’s Underdog Story to Be a Faith-Based Film: It’s ‘Jerry Maguire Meets Rocky’

Kurt Warner's Underdog Story to Be a Faith-Based Film: It's 'Jerry Maguire Meets Rocky' The against-all-odds story of former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner will soon be a faith-based movie.American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story will be directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin and released by Lionsgate. Kingdom Story Company is making it. A release... Read more

How To Share Your Story to Help Others Through Theirs

Debilitating guilt. Difficult habits. Dehumanized marriage. You recognize the warning signs of sexual addiction because you have firsthand experience. While your story might not be something you’ve shared with everyone, you’ll notice that some people will need to hear it. You’ll find yourself wanting to guide them to the exit.Am I worthy to share my... Read more

Literary Genius in the Story of Jesus

Behold, something greater than Jonah is here. . . . Behold, something greater than Solomon is here (Matt. 12:4142). For Jesuss audience, and for us too, Jonah and Solomon exist within story. These men are inseparable from their goals, their conflicts, and their stories resolution. For Jesus to say something greater than these men has... Read more

The Beautiful Meaning and Story of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety. (Psalm 4:8 NIV)Brimming with influence from Psalm 4, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a popular prayer that has been passed down for generations. Although its experienced various changes and additions, the prayer reminds us of... Read more

Leeds Libraries cancels Drag Queen Story Hour after complaints

Leeds Libraries has cancelled a Drag Queen Story Hour for children on its Facebook page after complaints.The event had been planned for Monday but was instead moved to the Facebook page of Drag Queen Story Hour UK, an organisation that partners with libraries to send drag queens to read stories to children. The story hour had... Read more

Progressivism’s never-ending story

A Gay Pride flag flies below the U.S. flag during a celebration of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark ruling of legalizing gay marriage nationwide, at a rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 26, 2015.Reuters/Rebecca CookWe all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have... Read more

The Story of Inside Out – Daughters of Promise – June 15

THE STORY OF INSIDE OUTShe has not acknowledged that I was the one who gave her the grain, the new wine and oil, who lavished on her the silver and gold which they used for Baal. Hosea 2:8Once upon a time, a man became a father.He held his newborn daughter close and breathed in the... Read more

Keys for Kids’ WORD with Zach program connects kids to God’s story – Mission Network News

United States (MNN) — It’s summer, and that meansKeys For Kids Ministrieshas launched its annual WORD with Zach program aimed at connecting kids with Gods story through the Bible. Greg Yoder talks about how the idea was born. This is the third year that we’ve been doing the WORD with Zach summer reading program. I... Read more

Embrace Your Own Story – Beloved Women – May 29, 2020

Embrace Your Own Story Beloved Women May 29, 2020READ:  Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you wont need to compare yourself to anyone else. (Galatians 6:4 NLT)TODAYS ENCOURAGEMENT: For years, paying attention to my own work was quite the task. I would see... Read more

Alia’s Story – She Left the Porn Industry Behind

I always knew I would enter the sex industry. My understanding of worth and beauty was so entangled with that of the porn stars I had grown up idealizing, that entering the industry was inevitable. Leaving, on the other hand, was something I never expected.My earliest memories are intertwined with pornography and abuse. My understanding... Read more

10 Powerful Truths Your Kids Need to Know about the Easter Story

Alicia Michelle Crosswalk.com Contributing Writer As Christian parents, we know that Easter is about so much more than fuzzy bunnies and plastic eggs. But do our kids? Do our kids have a deep understanding of what Jesus death on the cross really means and why it is so relevant to their lives today? Despite the... Read more

Back Together: The Story of a Church Split and Reunited

It broke Larry Konnemans heart when First Baptist Church of Ellisville near St. Louis, Missouri, split in 1993. It was the worst time in my church lifeever, said Konneman, who started coming around the church when he was 16 years old, chasing a girl who went there. He caught her, and after the two went... Read more

Lets Deconstruct a Deconversion Story: The Case of Rhett and Link

Confession: When I was a kid, I was in love with Ricky Schroder. He was the only one for me. (Except for a short hiatus after The Karate Kid, when Ralph Macchio was my all in all for a few months.) That tow-headed heartthrob took my breath away with every episode of the 1980s sitcom... Read more

Want to Defend the Faith? Tell a Story.

When we think of apologetics, we typically think of an intellectual defense of the faithsomething that appeals to ones reasonable faculties, such as the ontological, teleological, cosmological, and moral arguments for Gods existence. These pieces of evidence, laid out in logical form, point to a superlative being. Such arguments are part and parcel of apologetics.... Read more

Verify Out the Lovely Trailer for Netflix’s Immigration Story: ‘Tigertail’ | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Alan Yang honed his knack for off-kilter tales in regards to the American Dream because the co-creator of Grasp of None,and he’s turning his gifted eye inward forTigertail, which is loosely primarily based on his personal dad and mom’ story of immigrating to the U.S. from Taiwan. Tigertailis a multi-generational yarn, catching... Read more

Historic Objects that Assist Inform the Story of Easter – Tim Challies

[ad_1] As Easter weekend begins and this time of being housebound continues, I discover myself considering past the confines of my dwelling. I discover myself considering wistfully of a few of the locations world wide Ive had the privilege to go to, and a few of the Easter-related objects Ive discovered there. Listed here are... Read more

Joshua’s Story: From Porn Star to Pastor

[ad_1] Meet Joshua BroomeMy identify is Joshua Broome, and I've been in over 1,000 pornographic movies, received varied awards, traveled the world, and grossed over one million {dollars}. Some could have thought that I had all of it, however throughout this time I used to be near taking my life.Joshua’s ChildhoodI grew up in a... Read more

Free to Stream: The Greatest Story Animated Brief Movie

[ad_1] The Greatest Story of All Throughout these stuck-at-home days, Crossway is providing free streaming entry to The Greatest Story: The Animated Brief Movie via April 12, 2020. Primarily based on the best-selling ebook by pastor Kevin DeYoung, the 26-minute movie was created to indicate youngsters how all these basic tales within the Bible hook... Read more

Canine Man, Poop Jokes, and the Energy of an Sincere Story – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] There's a place the place the reply to each knock-knock joke is poop. The place farts are at all times hysterical. The place vomit can actually be a superheros best energy. And the place the strains between good and evil, disgusting and humorous, and absurd and significant are mingled and blurred. It's a place... Read more

Max Von Sydow, Star of ‘The Best Story Ever Informed’, ‘Exorcist’ and ‘Recreation of Thrones’, Has Handed Away | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Max von Sydow, the Swedish-born actor whose rogue appeal and present for wry supply has made him a sought-after character actor for practically a century, has handed away. He was 90 years outdated. Von Sydow starred in a litany of basic motion pictures like The Exorcist, Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens, Minority... Read more

From temple prostitute to free in Christ; one devadasis story

[ad_1] India (MNN) — The devadasi life-style is outlawed in India, however the apply stays in pockets of the nation. Devadasis are temple prostitutes devoted to a selected god or goddess. They carry out sexual favors, and far of the cash they earn goes to the temple as a spiritual providing. Haida was solely seven-years-old... Read more