30 Day Prayer Challenge for Stress and Anxiety

This past year has been one of the most rapidly changing, chaotic periods many of us have ever experienced. When lifes uncertainties threaten to steal our inner calm, may we draw close to the Prince of Peace, and may His peace, which surpasses understanding, sink deep into our souls, expelling our inner angst.This 30-day anti-anxiety... Read more

Fonzworth Bentley, Louis Upkins Stress the Importance of Fathering Godly Children of Color

Fonzworth Bentley, Louis Upkins Stress the Importance of Fathering Godly Children of Color Its Saturday morning and I can hear Derek Watkins', also known as Fonzworth Bentley, and Louis Upkins morning routines in the background.Upkins is an established business consultant and coach to influential leaders and Watkins is best known for being the... Read more

Ambient Stress | Devotional by Gail Rodgers

The words caught my attention. Ambient Stress. Stress that swirls around with no place to go for conclusion. Uncertainty with no certainty in sight. Some stress we can take hold of and manage. Things within our control such as: Stress about our body we can take concrete steps towards health. Stress about our finances we... Read more

Good Stress, Bad Stress, Whats the Difference?

In our fast-paced culture, finding balance can feel nearly impossible. There is so much pressure to fill up every moment of our day. Achievement can easily become our god. Balance is something we all aspire for while testing out ideas like minimalism, meditation, and more.Where do we draw the line between the positive stress that... Read more

10 Things to Never Say to Your Spouse under Stress

My husband and I just celebrated our fourteenth anniversary. Compared to many marriages, our union is still a mere teenager.Yet, in our time together, we have sustained times of grief, sickness, job loss, wear and tear of household appliances, buying and selling of houses, and the raising of two kids. I can honestly say, we... Read more

20 Psalms to Calm Your Stress and Anxiety

16. It is God who arms me with strength,And makes my way perfect. (Psalm 18:32 NKJV)Its His strength that carries us through, not our own!17. The Lord is my light and my salvation;Whom shall I fear?The Lord is the strength of my life;Of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1 NKJV)When we see as He sees, through... Read more

How to Manage Stress During the Coronavirus Crisis

Last month the Disaster Distress Helpline at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration saw an 891 percent increase in call volume compared with the same time last year. The national hotline, which provides emergency help to people suffering from emotional distress, has received more than 22,000 calls and text messages seeking help amid... Read more

7 Ways Christians Should Deal With Stress and Anxiety | RELEVANT Magazine

7 Methods Christians Ought to Deal With Stress and Anxiousness | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Ive all the time thought of myself to be an individual who handles stress fairly nicely. I prefer to be busy. I take pleasure in taking dangers. I by no means thought anxiousness was my downside. Then, rather less than a 12 months in the past, I hit a wall. I may... Read more

God Doesnt Want You to Stress | RELEVANT Magazine

God Doesnt Need You to Stress | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] I usually take consolation from studying that the nice characters within the narrative of the Bible should not so totally different from me. Peter was a knucklehead and a brash one at that. Esther struggled to behave courageously within the face of hazard. John the Baptist Not too long ago, I used to be... Read more