‘Stronger Together’: Ohio Teenager Organizes Prayer Walk

'Stronger Together': Ohio Teenager Organizes Prayer Walk Eighteen-year-old Leah Brinker brought hope and healing through a prayer walk in her Ohio town this past week.According to CBN News, the teenager felt stirred to start the Prayer Walk 2020 in Coshocton County after a turbulent year of a pandemic, racial division, and election disputes.This year has... Read more

Eat, Pray, Love: How Families Grow Stronger During the Pandemic

The Story: A new survey finds that the pandemic has drawn some families closer together. The Background: The American Family Survey (AFS) is a nationally representative survey of Americans sponsored by the Deseret News and Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy in connection with YouGov. The survey examines Family Life During a Pandemic... Read more

Apatheism: Stronger Problem to Evangelism Than Atheism Is

[ad_1] Im positive youve skilled it beforethat passionless, indifferent meh you obtain in response after asking somebody questions on their perception in God. These essential inquiries to philosophy, religion, and the which means of life, which you ponder and return to over and once more, are dismissed with the form of disinterest sometimes skilled by... Read more