RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums | RELEVANT

Sufjan Steven’s surprise album release a couple of weeks ago, The Ascension, caused quite a stir among his fans and critics. And it got us thinking where the project landed in Sufjan’s all-time catalog. So, after two weeks of diligent research and debate, we present to you RELEVANT’s Definitive Ranking of Sufjan Stevens’ Albums. How... Read more

Listen to Another New Sufjan Stevens Song: ‘My Rajneesh’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Just a week after Sufjan Stevens’ freaky folk July 4 return with “My America,” he’s back with that single’s b-side “My Rajneesh” a ten-minute meditation on the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterrorist attack. If that sounds a little heady, well, that’s Sufjan for you but it’s also gorgeous and includes a throwback to theAge of Adzstandout... Read more

Sufjan Stevens Has Announced His Long Awaited ‘Carrie and Lowell’ Followup: ‘The Ascension’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Sufjan Stevens is back with his first proper studio album since 2015’s astonishingCarrie and Lowell and, well, thank goodness.The Ascensionwill release this September and we’re getting our first single this Friday, July 3, with a new song appropriately titled “America.” Asthmatic Kitty released a statement along with the album announcement, saying We harbor no... Read more

Sufjan Stevens Is the Excellent Coronavirus Season Soundtrack | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Sufjan Stevens’ music is stuffed with birds. Swans, hawks, doves, loons and different avian witnesses to human toil and battle. Like Stevens, birds can take an extended view of their environment hovering miles above it, untroubled by the granular particulars. But additionally, like him, they largely select to be part of it,... Read more

ALERT: Sufjan Stevens Will Debut His Model New Album By way of Livestream In the present day | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Just a few weeks again, Sufjan Stevens introduced that he and his stepfather Lowell Bram had accomplished work on an instrumental album impressed by the scores to motion pictures like Blade Runner, Hereditary,Beneath the Pores and skin and The Final Temptation of Christ. The undertaking, a 21-track “mostly instrumental” album referred to... Read more

Heres a New Track From Sufjan Stevens and His Stepfather Lowell Brams | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Sufjan Stevens has launched a brand new music off of his upcoming album that he recorded along with his stepfather Lowell Brams (sure, of Carrie & Lowell fame). The duo are additionally behind the document label Asthmatic Kitty. The album, known as Aporia, releases in March, however the music The Limitless, provides... Read more