8 Surprising Things about You That Are Attractive to Your Husband

Ladies, we may hate our stretch marks, but our husbands cherish them. I often call my stretch marks, my battle scars. They are a reminder of the ability of my body to carry and bear children. Each time I see them, I remember how wonderful it was to experience the miracle of pregnancy.Our husbands feel... Read more

The Surprising Links Between Faith and Health | RELEVANT

If religious faith could be packaged in a pill, the stock price of drug companies would soar. Religion, not merely spirituality, is a profound predictor of health. Spiritual practices can reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and help stave off some effects of mental illness about as well as many drugs on the market.... Read more

A Surprising Secret about Joy and Sorrow

It felt like the enemy was swinging wildly. One crisis after another. My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a young mom, like I was when I first had cancer. I showed up at her surgeries. I prayed over her while she slept. I held her babies. When we finally received the news that... Read more

The Surprising Blessing of Steak-umm Twitter – Christ and Pop Culture

Corporations have some strong pivot skills. One by one, they hopped on board the were-all-in-this-pandemic-together bandwagon. Youve seen the commercials Im sure. From CarMax to Burger King to Budweiserand even Charminadvertisers have adjusted their messaging to show how much they care about our unprecedented predicament and are oh so very eager to help in our... Read more

4 Surprising Truths about the Church // Ronald Kalifungwa – TGC Africa

In the book of Revelation Jesus reveals four surprising truths about the church. In chapter 1 we are introduced to a vision of Christ. We now pause to look at the vision John received of the church of Christ. For when the church is undergoing suffering we need to be reminded of who Christ is.... Read more

A Shocking Scoundrel of Scripture

[ad_1] April 30, 2020 by: Nancy Guthrie [vimeo 386316120] The Excessive Priest If you look into the New Testomony story, those that actually must be displaying us one thing about what it means to be a saint are literally horrible scoundrels. The one which stands out most must be the excessive priest, Caiaphas. If we... Read more