Yes, You Should Impose a Theological System on the Bible (Just Be Sure Its a Biblical One)

How can you believe in eternal security? Haven’t you read Hebrews 6?! It seems pretty clear that its possible to taste of the heavenly gift and share in the Holy Spirit and then fall away beyond hope of renewal. Things would be a lot simpler if you just believed the Bible instead of trying to... Read more

Does American Have a Caste System?

Alongside a few influential review magazines, Oprahs Book Club has become an important arbiter of significance for new books. And yet, even without Oprahs logo embossed as part of its cover, Isabel Wilkersons Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents wouldve drawn attention and wide readership. After all, Wilkerson won the Pulitzer Prize for her first... Read more

Man Shares His Harrowing Experience as a Religious Minority in the Chinese Prison System

Man Shares His Harrowing Experience as a Religious Minority in the Chinese Prison System A man from China recently offered a personal account of how he and other believers are being forced to renounce their faith or, if they refuse, be imprisoned.A man under the pseudonym Li Geng told persecution watchdog Bitter Winter... Read more

The tax system needs urgent overhauling so that everyone pays their fair share

(Photo: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)The British public believe in fairness. Everyone has the right to benefit from society, and everyone has a responsibility to contribute to it. We see this sense of fairness enshrined in our public services. This has been especially the case in respect of our NHS where the same healthcare is available to all... Read more

The Justice System is Damaged

[ad_1] Jesus was arrested, given a trial, tortured, after which crucified on a cross a criminals demise. This could remind Christians that societal programs of justice are imperfect and might be systematically oppressive, merciless, and deliberately unjust. The early church was properly conscious of this, usually being criminalized below Roman rule, and these first Christ-followers... Read more