5 Tips for Raising More Teachable Children (Even during Quarantine)

Teachable children are sensitive to Gods prodding as well as to parental influence. Not only does faith support our work as parents, but its our most important subject matter. Equipping children with a faith relationship is a gift that will bless them their whole lives. Story is an easy way to bridge a faith relationship... Read more

Be Teachable | Thoughts about God by Mary Pinckney

Be Teachable | Ideas about God by Mary Pinckney

[ad_1] “Blessed (glad, lucky, to be envied) is the person whom You self-discipline and instruct, O Lord, and educate out of Your regulation, that You might give him energy to maintain himself calm within the days of adversity.” Psalm 94:12-13 (AMP) As I check out our key scripture, I'm reminded of Gods love for us.... Read more