Mark Meynell on Becoming a Better Bible Teacher

Mark Meynell: So, I have one dear friend who, you know, he’ll read books but, you know, he wants to go and watch soccer and Formula One racing. That’s his big thing. And he is very easily bored when I get all sort of abstract and stuff. And we’re very different, but we are good... Read more

Respected Bible teacher and writer David Pawson dies aged 90

David Pawson(Photo: YouTube/David Pawson official)The respected Bible teacher and writer David Pawson has died aged 90. He passed away peacefully on Thursday morning. The evangelical minister, who was born in England in 1930, was a prolific writer and speaker, publishing dozens of books and hundreds of videos of his talks. He started out as a Methodist minister, receiving... Read more

Teacher, Watch Your Jargon

Trainer, Watch Your Jargon

[ad_1] My 9-year-old son loves electrical automobiles, particularly Teslas. I learn an article in The Washington Publish, nonetheless, arguing that electrical automobiles are all hype, and I knew my son would have an interest. So in a uncommon second of privilege for him, I handed him my iPad and stated, Take and skim. My son... Read more