FactChecker: Is Tear Gas an Abortifacient?

Editors’ note:  FactChecker is an occasional series in which we examine claims, myths, and misunderstandings frequently heard in evangelical circles. The Claim: Tear gas is an abortifacient, and exposuresuch as during a protestcould cause miscarriage. The Background: The recent protests and riots in response to the homicide of George Floyd has renewed interest in the... Read more

Priest Who Was Tear Gassed Ahead of Trump’s Bible Photo-Op: ‘I Am Now a Force to Be Reckoned With’ | RELEVANT Magazine

On Monday, hundreds of peaceful protestors were tear gassed by armored police to clear out St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. The reason for this show of force was to present President Donald Trump with a quiet spot to get his picture taken next to the church sign, holding a Bible. Trump appears... Read more

Jen Hatmaker on Having the Courage to Tear Down Unjust Systems | RELEVANT Magazine

Jen Hatmaker on Having the Braveness to Tear Down Unjust Methods | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Jen Hatmaker occupies an fascinating spot in tradition. On the one hand, she and her household hosted HGTV’sYour Large Household Renovation, portraying a good-natured, loving dynamic that made for some nice tv. However, the New York Occasions bestselling writer is a fierce advocate for marginalized teams, who’s demonstrated a willingness to rattle... Read more