Wayward Ted: Celebrating the Fruit of the Spirit in Ted Lasso – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. The best stories about sports are the stories that are not really about the sport itself at all. The sporting, or coaching, or athleticism should play a supporting role to whatever else is happening... Read more

Seeing and Believing 262 | Bill and Ted Face the Music and Roman Polanski’s Chinatown

Brush up on your air-guitar skills and get your SoCal dude-accents ready, because Seeing & Believing embarks on another excellent adventure this week. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter may be getting a little long in the tooth, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bring their iconic slackers back for another victory lap around time and... Read more

Senator Ted Cruz Calls out Department of Defense for ‘Unabashedly Discriminating’ against Believers

Senator Ted Cruz Calls out Department of Defense for 'Unabashedly Discriminating' against Believers Sen. Ted Cruz has sent another letter to Defense Secretary Mark Esper, reiterating concerns about religious discrimination and a culture of hostility towards religion in the Department of Defense.According to CBN News, Cruz sent out an initial letter to the... Read more

Rep. Ted Yoho Has Been Removed From the Board of a Christian Charity Following His Vulgar Remark to AOC | RELEVANT Magazine

Bread for the World, the Christian advocacy group led by Eugene Cho, asked Rep. Ted Yoho to resign from its Board of Directors after he reportedly called Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez a f****** b****. The group said they made the decision to ask for Yoho’s resignation out of a desire to affirm our commitment to... Read more

Representative Ted Yoho Asked to Resign from Board of Christian Non-Profit

Representative Ted Yoho Asked to Resign from Board of Christian Non-Profit Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) has been asked to step down from the board of Bread for the World after he allegedly called fellow congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a f***ing b***h in front of media personnel.According to the Washington Post, Bread for the World,... Read more

Let the First Trailer for ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Remind You to Be Excellent to Each Other | RELEVANT Magazine

In 1989, the world was introduced to Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves’ most excellent Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston. They returned in 1991 forBill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.And now they’re back forBill & Ted Face the Music, which will reunite Reeves and Winter under the direction of Dean Parisot, who’s directed episodes... Read more

Some politicians on the left ‘hate faith’, says Ted Cruz

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz said that some Covid-19 restrictions were being imposed "arbitrarily".ReutersSenator Ted Cruz of Texas has claimed that some progressive elected officials issuing orders to curb the spread of COVID-19 that restrict churches but not secular entities are doing so because they "hate faith."On an episode of "First Liberty Live!" streamed... Read more