Discipling Teenagers In Your Home and Church: Three Paradigm Shifts – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Rooted Ministry. Youth ministers and parents face a unique challenge: were dealing with human beings made in the image of God who are going through an incredibly tough and awkward transition from childhood to adulthood. Many youth ministry paradigms err by oversimplifying this complex transitional period, reducing student... Read more

Study: Most Teenagers Still Take After Their Parents’ Religious Beliefs | RELEVANT

A new study from Pew shines a light on just how faith is passed down over generations in America today. The big takeaway: teenagers still take after their parents’ religious beliefs, for the most part. That’s especially true of Catholics and evangelicals. 81 percent of teenagers raised by Catholic parents and 80 percent of teenagers... Read more

British teenagers have lowest life satisfaction in Europe

(Photo: Unsplash/Gaelle Marcel)Teenagers in Britain have come bottom of the table in a study of life satisfaction among youngsters in Europe.   In the Children's Society study of 24 European countries, British teens came last when asked to rate their life satisfaction.  Less than two thirds (64%) of British 15-year-olds rated their life satisfaction at six... Read more