Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Is ‘Still Evil,’ Pastor Fredrick Price Jr. Tells Christians

Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Is 'Still Evil,' Pastor Fredrick Price Jr. Tells Christians Pastor Frederick Price Jr. of the megachurch Crenshaw Christian Center, in Los Angeles, California encouraged Christians to vote your conscience in the 2020 Presidential election while asserting that voting for the lesser of the two evils is still evil.In... Read more

Black Lives Matter is a ‘Profoundly Theological Statement,’ Hillary Clinton Tells Pastor

Black Lives Matter is a 'Profoundly Theological Statement,' Hillary Clinton Tells Pastor On the first episode of her new podcast You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Pastor William J. Barber II of Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina, spoke about justice and racism.According to The Christian... Read more

The dangers of coronavirus ‘are not over yet’, Queen tells Church

(Photo: BBC)The Church of Scotland's General Assembly opened online on Friday with a letter from the Queen in which she said she "greatly admired" its response to Covid-19.  It is the first time the Kirk's General Assembly has ever been held remotely after the physical gathering scheduled for May was cancelled due to the pandemic. ... Read more

Tim Keller tells divided Americans to stop demonizing each other

Tim KellerTim Keller has pleaded with Americans to stop demonizing each other as the fight for the White House heats up.  In just over 40 days, Americans will head to the ballot box to cast their votes for the next US President. With fierce differences over everything from Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter, to the... Read more

Sacked Christian teacher tells tribunal she should be allowed to disagree with transgenderism

Kristie Higgs was sacked for gross misconduct after sharing views critical of RSE and transgenderism(Photo: Christian Concern)A Christian teacher sacked over Facebook posts criticising sex education in schools has told an employment tribunal that she does not believe in the "modern ideas of gender fluidity and transgenderism". Kristie Higgs, 44, is challenging her dismissal for... Read more

10 Beautiful Ways God Tells You How Much You Matter to Him

You shall be holy to me, for I the LORD am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine. (Leviticus 20:26)God has called us to be separate from the world. We are salt and light, evidence of His love to those who do not know the hope we have in... Read more

‘A Priority’ Pelosi Will Push for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in 2021, She Tells Allies

'A Priority' Pelosi Will Push for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in 2021, She Tells Allies Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has told allies that she will push Democratic lawmakers in 2021 to approve federal funding of abortion, thus ending a four-decades-long compromise between the two major parties on one of the most contentious issues in Congress.At... Read more

Trump Has Done More for the Unborn Than Any Other President, Abby Johnson Tells RNC

Trump Has Done More for the Unborn Than Any Other President, Abby Johnson Tells RNC Pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson gave Americans a gruesome behind-the-scenes peak at the abortion industry during Tuesdays Republican National Convention and urged viewers to support President Trump, who she called the most pro-life president we... Read more

Everything Is Not Okay: How Chernobyl Tells Our Story – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. Im sure most everyone reading this has seen one or more of those memes going around that depicts the months of 2020 as a collection of snapshots of a single celebritys expressions. These memes... Read more

China tells Christians to renounce faith in Jesus & worship President Xi Jinping instead

China's President Xi Jinping is seen in this file photo.ReutersChina has ordered Christian villagers to renounce their faith and worship the nation's Communist Party leaders instead. Chinese authorities visited Christian homes in Linfen in the northern province of Shanxi in April and told residents who were on welfare benefits that they had to take down... Read more

Mike Pence Tells Church: ‘Hold Fast’ to Jesus, Prayer During ‘These Challenging Times’

Mike Pence Tells Church: 'Hold Fast' to Jesus, Prayer During 'These Challenging Times' Saying the foundation of freedom is faith, Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday urged members of a Texas megachurch to pray for the nation and to rely on God to get America through these challenging times.Pence spoke nearly 30 minutes... Read more

Louie Giglio apologises again over ‘white blessing’ comments as Lecrae tells fans he ‘wasn’t OK’ with it

Louie Giglio was strongly criticised over his comments on racism during a conversation with Lecrae and Dan Cathy(Photo: Instagram/Louie Giglio)Louie Giglio has issued a video message apologising "from my heart" after he said "white privilege" should be re-dubbed "white blessing". The Passion Conference founder sparked outrage after making the comments during a conversation about race with black... Read more

‘Your Loved Ones Will Not Have Died in Vain,’ Trump Tells Families in Signing Order

'Your Loved Ones Will Not Have Died in Vain,' Trump Tells Families in Signing Order President Trump on Tuesday met with families of black individuals who have died from police violence and then signed an executive order banning most chokeholds while establishing a database to track police officers who have used excessive force.Your... Read more

“Our Focus Now Is on Healing,” Mike Pence Tells Black Faith Leaders at Listening Session

"Our Focus Now Is on Healing," Mike Pence Tells Black Faith Leaders at Listening Session Saying the focus is now on healing America, Vice President Mike Pence took part in a listening session Friday with faith and community leaders at a Maryland church that highlighted strategies to bring the country together following the... Read more

Dead Sea Scrolls and DNA: what the latest research tells us

The fragment of Jeremiah from the Dead Sea Scrolls(Photo: Tadmit, Courtesy of Tel Aviv University.)It was announced on Tuesday that some 35 of the Dead Sea Scrolls have had their DNA tested. Most of the Dead Sea Scrolls are written on parchment - animal skin - and scholars have now tried to determine which animals... Read more

If the President Tells You to Shoot Looters, You Have a Duty to Disobey

Should we respond to the illegal use of violence with the use of illegal violence? For Christians, the answer to that question should be obvious. But the responses to the recent riots and protests in Minneapolis and St. Paul reveal that we are more conflicted about the answer than we should be. On one side... Read more

7 Lies Tradition Tells Us About Love and Romance | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Im rounding the ultimate flip in my sixth 12 months of marriage. Regardless of the struggles Tiffani and I confronted the final 12 months, I can say with certainty that have been nearer and loved each other extra in 12 months six than any 12 months to this point. Why? First, struggles inevitably do certainly... Read more

Carman Tells Followers That His Most cancers Has Returned: ‘Please Pray’ | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Christian music legend Carman Licciardello took to Fb this week to ask followers for prayer.  As Carman defined, again in 2013 he was recognized with incurable a number of [Myeloma] most cancers that finally went into remission following months of chemotherapy. Nonetheless he wrote, A 12 months in the past January, the... Read more

The One Factor No One Tells You About Getting Married | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] If youve been to a marriage, youve skilled the fantastic thing about witnessing two souls binding to start towards the longer term collectively. You additionally might have skilled the huge depths of emotion main as much as at the present time. So many goals and hopes are enveloped within the perception that... Read more

Ann Voskamp: Whoever Tells the Church Moms to Go Dwelling Are Homewreckers in Our Fathers Church | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] As you might have seen earlier this week, theologian John MacArthur brought on a stir for his feedback about Bible instructor, preacher and abuse survivor advocate Beth Moore. Requested to publicly reply to the ministry of Beth Moore, MacArthur stated Go house. He went on to match her to aTV jewellery salesperson,... Read more