On Protesting: A Theological Reflection for the Privileged (like me)

Jesus didnt come to maintain the peace of the state. That version of peace (known as the Pax Romana) was designed to sustain the status quo so those in power could remain in power. So the comfortable could remain comfortable. So the oppressed would remain oppressed. So justice could be dispensed or withheld at the... Read more

9 Ways Emotions Play a Role in Theological Diversity

Complex Human Beings Because human beings are complex creatures with reason, will, and emotion, no reductionistic scheme that pigeonholes us as purely intuitive or purely rational beings can explain why we reason or why we dissent the way we do. Insights from neuroscience and social psychology, such as Haidts social intuitionist model of moral psychology,... Read more

How to Do Theological Triage in Our Divided Age

Speak the truth in love. Truth in love. Truth and love. One of these often dominates in theological conversations, some choosing to emphasize the need for truth and others the need for love. According to Paul, truth-telling and genuine love for those with whom we are speaking are crucial for growing up in every way... Read more

What Theological Hills Should We Be Willing to Die On?

For pastors, there are two types of members who can be particularly onerous. The first is the theological pugilist. For this person, every issue is a hill on which to die. There are no secondary issueseverything is a test of orthodoxy and fellowship. From church music to the deity of Christ, he never met a... Read more

How Social Media Worsens the Theological Divide

The Age of Instant Communication The people of God have always differed over some points of Christian doctrine. Though we have always had theological disagreements, the age of instant communication has transformed the way that we express our disagreementsand not always in a good way. The passing of another week simply means another controversy is... Read more

Persecuted Darfur Christians get theological training

Persecuted Darfur Christians get theological coaching

[ad_1] Sudan (MNN) — It has been over a 12 months since Sudans former president Omar al-Bashir was ousted from energy. Bashir is at the moment dealing with a number of prices on the Worldwide Legal Courtroom, together with his half within the Darfur genocide that started in 2003. The western Darfur area of Sudan... Read more

4 Ways to Practice Theological Humility

four Methods to Observe Theological Humility

[ad_1] Humility Is the Option to Unity Some Christians are desirous to defend sound doctrine. Properly and good. However is the unity of the physique of Christ a type of doctrines we jealously guard? The unity of the church is one the objects of Christs dying (Eph. 2:14). This, as a lot as something, is... Read more

SGA fills theological gaps with training in former Soviet Union - Mission Network News

SGA fills theological gaps with coaching in former Soviet Union – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Russia (MNN) Whereas battle within the former Soviet Union has left many individuals in want of fundamental assets, it additionally leaves theological gaps. The Slavic Gospel Affiliation is working to fill these gaps by offering in-depth theology coaching to cities spanning the previous Soviet Union. Eric Mock from SGA says, What we discovered is... Read more

As pressure persists, Iraqi Christian seeks to restart theological training - Mission Network News

As strain persists, Iraqi Christian seeks to restart theological coaching – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Iraq (MNN) — Believers push ahead in Iraq regardless of U.S.-Iran strain and inside wrestle. MNN spoke with an Iraqi Christian about circumstances on the bottom, however for safety functions we can't share his identify. Different ministries within the church… these ministries are going now… Sunday worship, different conferences for ladies, the youth, prayers.... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) - Tim Challies

Free Stuff Fridays (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) – Tim Challies

[ad_1] This weeks Free Stuff Fridays is sponsored by The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who additionally sponsored the weblog this week. They've two presents which will curiosity you: First, they're providing everybody a free copy of Truths You Can Belief, a e book that gives truths you belief for all times and ministry from 13... Read more

Why Evangelicals Need Theological Retrieval

Why Evangelicals Want Theological Retrieval

[ad_1] When Bible reply man Hank Hanegraaff transformedto Japanese Orthodoxy in 2017, Rod Dreher (an Orthodox believer himself) invited others evangelicals to observe his lead: Many evangelicals search the early church; effectively right here it's, in Orthodoxy. I'm positive some shall be scandalized by Hanegraaff’s conversion however I hope at the very least some will... Read more