Are You Prepared For a New Batch of Conspiracy Theories? – Tim Challies

We are just weeks away from another contentious American election, which means we are just weeks away from roughly half of the American population savoring a great victory and the other half suffering a great loss. This being the case, we are, in all likelihood, just weeks away from the birth of new conspiracy theories.... Read more

Why Were Drawn to Conspiracy Theories

Christianity has always been associated with conspiracy theories. Jesus had only been out of the grave a few hours when his persecutors were paying off Roman guards to say the disciples stole his body. This was buried in the implausible lie that the guards knew the identity of the body snatchers, but had been asleep... Read more

This Megachurch Used Its Sunday Service to Spread QAnon Conspiracy Theories | RELEVANT Magazine

Footage shows that Rock Urban Church in Grandville, Michigan used its July 5th service to play a nearly ten-minute video full of conspiratorial political propaganda which suggested to congregants that COVID-19 is part of an anti-Trump plot from Democratic elites, George Floyd’s killing was arranged to hurt President Donald Trump and other conspiracy theories.... Read more

Believing What We Want: Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel – Christ and Pop Culture

I first saw Plandemic in the wilds of Facebook. The short trailer of the upcoming film is now increasingly difficult to find as most platforms have removed it and a Google search returns only popular response articles and videos. But a month or so ago, a few friends had shared the viral video clip, and... Read more

3 Reasons Not to Support Conspiracy Theories – TGC Africa

The explosion of conspiracy theories around COVID-19 hasnt helped matters in these distressing times. Questions abound. Numerous narratives have been spun and shared widely. In the internet age, its harder to sort through rumours and vital information. Sadly, misinformation is growing, tensions are rising, suspicion is building, and fears are being stoked. Christians would be... Read more

Christians Are Not Immune to Conspiracy Theories

In the beginning, God planted a garden in the east, in Eden, and there he put Adam and Eve. Soon after Satan entered the garden and spread the first conspiracy theory. A conspiracy theory explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot, usually by powerful conspirators. Satan convinced Eve... Read more

Why Do So Many Christians Purchase Into Conspiracy Theories Like ‘Plandemic’? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] You’ve in all probability seen the movies. The most well-known one is a snippet from Plandemic, that includes an interview with a discredited virologist named Judy Mikovits, made by Californian filmmaker and wellness advocate, Mikki Willis. The video unfold quicker than any virus throughout Fb, receiving hundreds of thousands of interactions in... Read more