Yes, Biden could ‘hurt God’, but not in the way Trump thinks

(Photo: CNN)I was tempted to laugh when I heard that President Trump had told an audience in Ohio that the Democratic runner Joe Biden would 'hurt God' if he replaced him as President. It seems such a preposterous thing to say, given the gulf that exists between 'the created' and 'The Creator'. The thought of any... Read more

Can Kindness Heal a World Divided by Pandemic and Politics? Ashlee Eiland Thinks So

Can Kindness Heal a World Divided by Pandemic and Politics? Ashlee Eiland Thinks So (RNS) When asked what she would write about if she could write about anything, Ashlee Eilands answer was immediate.Kindness.It was 2018, and the pastor said the divisiveness and contention in public conversations was weighing heavily on her. Eiland, the... Read more

Bryce Dallas Howard On Her New Documentary and Why She Thinks Men Should Be More Vulnerable | RELEVANT Magazine

My conversation with Bryce Dallas Howard happened to take place during Elon Musk’s first attempt at launching Space X. As you might recall, the launch was canceled due to some inclement weather in Florida. She said she was glad they’d called it off, confiding that she’d had a “bad feeling” about it anyway. When... Read more

New Information Exhibits Millennials Aren’t the Moochers Everybody Thinks They Are | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] You’ve undoubtedly heard in regards to the entitled millennial. Irrespective of what number of millennials age into the workforce, get married and even begin households of their very own, the stereotype persists of adlescent hipsters sleeping of their mother and father’ basement spending all day cultivating their make-up tutorials for YouTube. However... Read more