The Trump Administration Says It Will Ban TikTok and WeChat From the App Store | RELEVANT

Time’s up for TikTok, if the Trump Administration is to be believed. On Friday, the White House made what appears to be an unprecedented move of banning Chinas TikTok and WeChat apps from mobile app stores, starting Saturday. The move will likely escalate tensions with Beijing, as plans that seemed designed to smooth over the... Read more

Atheist TikTok User Says She’s Come to Jesus after Watching Christian Videos on the Platform

Atheist TikTok User Says She's Come to Jesus after Watching Christian Videos on the Platform A 32-year-old TikToK user says she prayed to God for the first time since becoming an atheist after she watched other videos about God on TikTok.The user, identified as Felicia and under the username inkydoeshair, posted in her own now-viral... Read more

This Viral TikTok Is the First Christian Film Masterpiece | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] There have been dangerous Christian films. There have been good Christian films. There have even been one or two nice Christian films. However has there ever been a faith-based cinematic expertise that's so beautiful in its craft, common in its themes and timeless in its message that it transcends to the extent... Read more