12 Classics from John MacArthur – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Zondervan Academic so they can tell you about an amazing sale on resources from John MacArthur. Known for his faithfulness to scripture, John MacArthur has become one of the leading Bible expositors of our time. He has written handfuls of books to help readers gain clarity and understanding... Read more

A La Carte (October 19) – Tim Challies

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and are ready to begin another week! Here are a few articles that may make for interesting reading… (Yesterday on the blog: The Word You Can Use Once a Year (and No More)) Men, Be the Chief Repenters in Your Homes What’s leadership in the home about? For one... Read more

Why We Need a Better Definition of Conspiracy Theory – Tim Challies

Irecently pointed out that new conspiracy theories tend to arise around shifts in power and that they often originate from those who have lost power or seen their power threatened. As you worked your way through that article, I wonder if you noticed that I didnt define conspiracy theory, something that, in retrospect, may have... Read more

The Word You Can Use Once a Year (and No More) – Tim Challies

I recently discovered Readwise, an app that has a neat featureit sends a daily email with a randomized selection of highlights from books in my Kindle library. This has proven an interesting way to encounter information I have read but long-since forgotten. A few days ago Readwise surfaced a quote from a book I read... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 17) – Tim Challies

My gratitude goes to Reformation Heritage Books for sponsoring the blog this week. Be sure to learned about the new book Puritan Reformed Theology (which is currently discounted). Also, here’s your regular reminder of my SquareQuotes site which is updated weekly and contains all kinds of great quote graphics. Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty... Read more

Are You Prepared For a New Batch of Conspiracy Theories? – Tim Challies

We are just weeks away from another contentious American election, which means we are just weeks away from roughly half of the American population savoring a great victory and the other half suffering a great loss. This being the case, we are, in all likelihood, just weeks away from the birth of new conspiracy theories.... Read more

A Master at Identifying Sin – Tim Challies

I am a master at identifying sin. I might be tempted to brag about that fact, except for this: While Im a master at identifying the sin in other people, Im a mere novice at identifying the sin in myself. And I dont think Im the only one. There seems to be something deeply embedded... Read more

A La Carte (October 13) – Tim Challies

It’s Amazon’s Prime Day today and, while that makes it a good day to buy a discounted Kindle device, I was hoping that it would bring us some special Kindle book deals. However, I was able to dig up only a few. (Yesterday on the blog: A Thanksgiving Family Update) The Evaporation of Empathy Chris... Read more

Learning from the Puritans on Being Salt in our World – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by RHB Publications, and adapted from Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theology. The church should stand against worldly infiltration and not look like spiritualized culture. How do we live out our Lords command in Matthew 5? Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost... Read more

A La Carte (October 12) – Tim Challies

I read this quote a few weeks ago and have often pondered it since then: “It is very likely that more Americans can name the four Hogwarts houses than can name the Gospels.” While there’s no proof of it, I expect it’s probably true. And it highlights the Christian’s evangelistic challenge, doesn’t it? Westminster Books... Read more

A Thanksgiving Family Update – Tim Challies

Today is Thanksgiving for us Canadianswe like to get the holiday out of the way a little bit earlier than our neighbors to the south. And since its a holiday I thought Id take it easy and provide nothing more substantial than a bit of an update on life and family. First, though, a word... Read more

A Call to Worship – Tim Challies

I have mentioned before that one important element of worship at Grace Fellowship Church is the Call to Worship. These sometimes involve reading a passage of scripture, but other times combine several texts into a responsive question and answer format. Heres an example that might bless you this morning as you prepare to worship. It... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 10) – Tim Challies

If you’re looking for some good new music, be sure to check out Sandra McCracken’s new album Patient Kingdom and Citizens’ new album The Joy of Being. Today’s Kindle deals include a few classics. (Yesterday on the blog: Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice) Your Church Is Not a Stepping Stone I think this... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Baker Books) – Tim Challies

This week the blog has been sponsored by Baker Books. And today they are giving away several great book bundles! The typical pastor has, at most, one course on counseling, and usually it’s a course on individual counseling. Most pastors have never had a single course on how to do marriage and family counseling. Yet... Read more

Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice – Tim Challies

Do you remember the Emerging Church? Steeped in postmodernism and marked by more than a little progressivism, it rose to prominence in the early naughts and seemed as if it would present a formidable challenge to orthodox Christianity in the new millennium. Many viewed it as a severe threat to the gospel of Jesus Christ.... Read more

Discovering a World of Surplus Beauty – Tim Challies

When I was young my family owned a cottage. To a child it was a place of wonder, a place of marvels. While I spent ten months of the year in the confines of the big city, summers at the cottage offered freedom to explore and to discover, to be a wanderer and adventurer, to... Read more

A La Carte (October 6) – Tim Challies

There are lots of good Kindle deals to consider today, quite a lot of them dealing with church history. (Yesterday on the blog: The Church Is You, So the Church Will Be Like You) Bach: A Theologian at the Workplace Jonathan Camiré has put together a great little introduction to Johann Sebastian Bach. Why You... Read more

Help and Hope for Couples and Families – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Baker Books, who on September 15, 2020, released a new two-book equipping series by Dr. Bob Kellemen. Dr. Kellemen, a pastor, professor, counselor, and author of over 20 books, had several specific audiences in mind as he penned each book. First, as I crafted these two books, I... Read more

A La Carte (October 5) – Tim Challies

There are just a few Kindle deals today; also be sure to take a look at Saturday’s list if you didn’t check in over the weekend. (Yesterday on the blog: Are You Lonely? Tired? Caught in a Mess?) How Things Have Changed: Reflections of a Millennial Pastor in a Gen Z World This article helpfully... Read more

The Church Is You, So the Church Will Be Like You – Tim Challies

The culture around us may not have much knowledge of the Bible, but everyone still seems to know and freely quote these words: Judge not. People may not know much, but they do know that the Bible strictly warns against standing in judgment against anyone else. Christians expend no little effort in explaining how judge... Read more

Are You Lonely? Tired? Caught in a Mess? – Tim Challies

I have mentioned before that one key element of worship at Grace Fellowship Church (and in traditional Protestant services) is the Call to Worship. Often our calls to worship involve simply reading a passage of the Bible, but other times we combine several texts in a kind of question and answer format. In this case... Read more

Weekend A La Carte (October 3) – Tim Challies

My thanks goes to Reformed Free Publishing for sponsoring the blog this week with news of their excellent new book that shares bite-sized readings on the great doctrines of the Christian faith. Today’s Kindle deals include some older books and some newer ones. I noticed that The Coddling of the American Mind is on sale;... Read more

Free Stuff Fridays (Reformed Free Publishing) – Tim Challies

This weeks Free Stuff Friday is sponsored by Reformed Free Publishing who also sponsored the blog this week. They have five sets of the first two books in their new Bible storybook series to give away. The series Tell His Wonders is a series of Bible storybooks for children ages 710. The author, Rev. Nathan... Read more

Things I Did My Kids Never Will – Tim Challies

Youve probably had this experience with one of your childrenthe experience of trying to explain something that was a part of your childhood, but is completely foreign to theirs. Though we arent that far removed from the years when we were young, the pace of technological change has been unparalleled. What was mind-blowing in the... Read more

9 New and Notable Books for September 2020 – Tim Challies

The good books continue to roll in! As September turns to October I thought it would be good to provide a roundup of some of the best books to cross my desk over the past month (acknowledging that, in reality, I’m posting this a day late). As usual, I need to add the disclaimer that... Read more

A Casket and a Bible – Tim Challies

We have entered into an age in which many people are leaving behind their printed Bibles in favor of digital equivalents. On one level thats of no great concern. After all, people are not leaving behind the Bible altogether, but merely exchanging one medium for another. If Paul could say, Only that in every way,... Read more

A La Carte (September 29) – Tim Challies

Observation: If you use a certain app and it becomes important to your life or workflow, it’s almost always worth paying for the Pro version. You get better features and you get to support the people who make it. That’s a win-win. It is another good day for Kindle deals! The collectors will want to... Read more

Doctrine According To Godliness: Bite-sized Readings On The Doctrines Of The Christian Faith – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Reformed Free Publishing who invites you to check out their new book Doctrine According to Godliness. Doctrine is important. That was the case at the time of the Reformation, and its also the case today. As Christians, we need to have a real understanding of the Scriptures teachings... Read more

A La Carte (September 28) – Tim Challies

Today is an amazing day for Kindle book collectors as there’s a large collection of excellent resources on theology and Christian living. You can find them on the Kindle deals page. Logos users will want to check out this long list of commentaries on sale. (Yesterday on the blog: A Side Of Perfect Beauty in... Read more

No One Believes in Social Injustice – Tim Challies

I have been spending a fair bit of time researching the topic of social justicesomething that has probably become obvious to you if youre a regular reader of this site. The more I read, the more I see how much of the battle is not merely one of competing ideologies, but of competing vocabularies. John... Read more