Government ditches plans to relax Sunday trading hours after Tory backbenchers revolt

(Photo: Unsplash/Mike Petrucci)The Government has abandoned plans to extend Sunday trading hours after a revolt by dozens of Tory backbenchers.  It follows a letter to Boris Johnson telling him "that over 50 Conservative MPs, from a range of intakes including those elected in 2019 and covering a full spectrum of views in the parliamentary party, are... Read more

Christian group challenges Government on Sunday trading plans as churches remain restricted

(Photo: Unsplash/Hanson Lu)A Christian campaign group has questioned the Government on why it is prepared to trust large shops to re-open for longer on Sunday but not churches.The Government is reported to be drawing up plans to boost the economy by easing Sunday trading laws so that larger shops like department stores and supermarkets can... Read more

Let us bow afresh to Mammon: the government’s mistaken Sunday trading plan

(Photo: Unsplash/Mike Petrucci)Many people go through life making the same mistakes over and over and over again.This is true to a certain extent of everyone, for we all have engrained patterns of behaviour and thinking of which we may not even be aware.Occasionally, though, something happens which brings us up short. Suddenly, in a moment... Read more

Desperate Christians trading faith for food in corona crisis – human rights lawyer

A policeman stands guard outside St John's Cathedral Church in Peshawar, Pakistan.ReutersSome Christians in Pakistan have been left so desperate by the coronavirus crisis that they are converting to Islam in exchange for food, a human rights lawyer has said.The lawyer, named only as Aneeqa A, a partner of ADF International, said that Christians were... Read more

Trading Your Weakness for Gods Strength

A few years ago, before our first cross-country road trip, my husband, Rob, took me on a date to an outdoor recreation store. He wanted to buy me a backpacking pack. Wed planned a trip across the American West with stops in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and the Rockies. Rob was excited to outfit me... Read more