Here’s Another Trailer for ‘Voices of Fire,’ Pharrell’s Reality Gospel Series | RELEVANT

We’ve got a longer look atVoices of Fire, the Gospel music reality TV series about Bishop Ezekiel Williams’ quest to build the world’s best, most inspirational gospel choir, and the famous, music genius nephew who helped him do it. Yes, Pharrell went back to his home in Virginia Beach to help his uncle see his... Read more

Lecrae Provides the Music in the Magnetic First Trailer for Regina King’s ‘One Night in Miami…’ | RELEVANT

We’re already pretty excited for Regina King’s directorial debutOne Night in Miami…, a film adaptation of Kemp Powers’ stage play about the night Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X and Jim Brown met to celebrate Ali’s win over Sonny Liston in 1964. The film earned rave reviews at festivals and there is talk about a... Read more

Trailer: ‘Pieces of a Woman’ Is a Heart-Wrenching Look at the Grief of Losing a Baby | RELEVANT

WhenPieces of a Womandebuted at TIFF, it received rave reviews, especially for performances from Shia LaBeouf, Sarah Snook, Ellen Burstyn and especially lead Vanessa Kirby. Now, the rest of us get our first look at the film, which follows the agony of a woman who loses her baby in childbirth. It’s a bracingly common tragedy... Read more

The Trailer for HBO’s Upcoming ‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion Special Is Everything You Could Hope For | RELEVANT

As the U.S. begins to set its sights on a second lockdown to flatten another COVID-19 curve, we’re all anxious to see what morsels of nostalgia the pop culture overlords will provide for us this time. And, good news, take a moment, just sit right there, we’ve got our first trailer for a doozy. HBO... Read more

Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Soros,’ the Documentary About the Life and Influence of George Soros | RELEVANT

Few billionaires are as divisive as George Soros, the philanthropist who’s become a bogeyman among some conspiracy theorists for his litany of progressive causes. The trailer for the documentary about Soros’ life highlights a few of his most fervent critics like Steve Bannon and Alex Jones, who’ve spun some truly heinous fanfiction about Soros over... Read more

The Trailer for the ‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ Is Here to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit | RELEVANT

OK, well, the last time we visited the ongoing drama in the Skywalker family, we gotThe Rise of Skywalkerwhich was, to be honest, a bit of a letdown. But Star Warscontent is looking up with a fresh new season of The Mandalorianand now, this trailer for what looks like a holiday hoot: aLEGO Star Wars... Read more

George Clooney, Kyle Chandler and David Oyelowo Head to Space in the First Trailer for ‘The Midnight Sky’ | RELEVANT

It seems like every year promises at least one big outer space movie that tackles questions of what it all means and what makes us human while hurtling through the stars. 2019 hadAd Astra. 2018 hadHigh Life. 2017 hadValerian(we didn’t say they were all good.) 2016 hadPassengers. You get the picture. This year’s entry comes... Read more

2020 Watch: The ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reboot Trailer Is Here to Lower Morale | RELEVANT

In these difficult times, it’s only natural that we want to turn to the things that provided us with relief and comfort in the past. The high-strung political energy coursing through the nation, the lingering trauma of enduring a disastrous pandemic and the general malaise of life in general have led many of us to... Read more

Trailer: The Totally Insany ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot Looks as Deliciously Unhinged as You Remember | RELEVANT

Reboots are not always a good idea, of course. Sometimes it’s best just to leave the content of nostalgia preserved in amber, where it can’t be sullied by subpar jumpstarts and corporate greed. We all know this. So do Yacko, Wakko and Dot, and they call themselves out and pretty much everything else in the... Read more

The First Trailer for Chadwick Boseman’s Final Film ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ Is Here | RELEVANT

Netflix’s upcomingMa Rainey’s Black Bottomis bound to get a lot of attention for featuring Chadwick Boseman’s final role before his shocking death. But the movie’s got plenty to recommend it besides an adaptation of an August Wilson play, produced by Denzel Washington, directed by George Wolfe of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The story... Read more

Trailer: In ‘The Kid Detective,’ Adam Brody Is an Encyclopedia Brown-Type All Grown Up | RELEVANT

The Kid Detectivehas a delicious premise: what if one of those precocious pre-teen super sleuths from kid’s lit grew up into a jaded has-been? Adam Brody stars as Abe Applebaum, a one-time Encyclopedia Brown-type now struggling as a private eye scraping by solving juvenile puzzlers that make for good chapter book fodder but don’t exactly... Read more

Here’s the First Trailer for David Fincher’s Hollywood Epic ‘Mank’ | RELEVANT

David Fincher is back with what sure looks like a deliciously oddball project even by his standards.Manktells the true story of Herman J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman), the man tasked with writing the script for Orson Welles’Citizen Kane.It’s one of the craziest stories from 1930s Hollywood, featuring an alcoholic social critic attempting to tell the story... Read more

Nothing Seems Quite Real in the Trailer for ‘Black Bear’ | RELEVANT

Few actors are as careful or interesting with the roles they pick as Aubrey Plaza has been over the last few years, eschewing the big comedies she cut her teeth on for slyer, slightly darker fare. In movies like Ingrid Goes West and Safety Not Guaranteed,Plaza’s twisty deadpan is deployed towards black comedic effect, with... Read more

Ryan Reynolds Is Out to Save His Video Game World in the Trailer for ‘Free Guy’ | RELEVANT

What if the characters in our video games didn’t know they were characters in our video games?Free Guy centers this inventive, refreshingly original hook on “Guy” Ryan Reynolds doing his usual schtick by way of a nebbish NPC who starts to suspect there’s something fishy going on in his world. Becoming a hero both within... Read more

The Trailer for ‘Roald Dahl’s The Witches’ Pits Transmorgrified Kids Against Evil Anne Hathaway | RELEVANT

Robert Zemeckis’ adaptation of Road Dahl’s The Witcheswas supposed to be one of Hollywood’s autumn tentpoles but, obviously, things are changing and now it’s headed to HBOMax. That’s appropriate enough, since change is a big part of this children’s classic, which features a group of kids who’ve been turned into mice, out to get the... Read more

Here’s the, Uh, Timely Trailer for the COVID-19 Documentary ‘Totally Under Control’ | RELEVANT

Alex Gibney has proven himself a master of investigative documentaries, from the thrilling Scientology expos Going Clearto his look at massive corporate scandal Enron, he has a knack for convincing smart people to go on the record with sensitive information and organizing that info into a compelling narrative. And he’s picked a doozy for his... Read more

Brace Yourself for the Gently Stirring First Trailer for ‘Minari’ | RELEVANT

Lee Isaac Chung has enjoyed a long career as a director of quietly powerful movies that sink into your subconscious and have the ability to gently transform your life. The first trailer forMinarisure looks like he’s done it again, starring Steven Yeun as the patriarch of a family of Korean immigrants adjusting to life in... Read more

Riz Ahmed Grapples With Hearing Loss in the Riveting First Trailer for ‘Sound of Metal’ | RELEVANT

The terrific Riz Ahmed looks like he’s finally got a lead role worthy of his considerable talents in the first trailer forSound of Metal, which follows Ruben (Ahmed), a punk metal drummer and recovering addict who starts to lose his hearing. The debut from writer/director Darius Marder. Marder is gaining early acclaim for the innovative... Read more

The Whole World Will Watch the First Full Trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ | RELEVANT

Just a few days after the teaser, we’ve got our first real look at Aaron Sorkin’s return to the director’s chair forThe Trial of the Chicago 7, a historical drama that sure looks eerily prescient given current events. The story follows the story of the eight men who were arrested while protesting outside the 1968... Read more

The Trailer for ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ Promises a Very Spooky Meditation on Mental Health | RELEVANT

Mike Flanagan is on a bit of a hot streak, updating classic scary books for modern audiences. His The Haunting of Hill House for Netflix was a sharp “remix” of Shirley Jackson’s famous novel of the same name, andDoctor Sleepmade for a deliciously spooky sequel to The Shining. Now he’s returned to Netflix forThe Haunting... Read more

Nothing Seems Quite Real in the Weird First Trailer for Marvel’s ‘WandaVision’ | RELEVANT

The Marvel machine has tried their hand at TV before, with ABC’sAgents of SHIELDandAgent Cartershows, along with Netflix’s series likeDaredevil, Jessica JonesandLuke Cage, but Disney+ upcoming Marvel series are promising far more direct lines to the movies themselves, featuring spinoff adventures with a-list Avengers likeHawkeye, Falcon & the Winter Soldier, Lokiand, first up,WandaVision. The latter... Read more

Here’s the Trailer for Showtime’s Yuge Upcoming TV Event: ‘The Comey Rule’ | RELEVANT

Jeff Daniels is Jeff Comey and Brendan Gleeson suits up as President Donald Trump in the new trailer for Showtime’s upcoming dramatization of the whole Comey situation that was only about four years ago, though it feels closer to 100. The one-time director of the FBI first drew ire in 2016 for his investigation of... Read more

The Trailer for Season Two of ‘The Mandalorian’ Is Here to Show You the Way | RELEVANT

When we left our pals the Mandalorian and Baby Yod er, “The Child” they had gotten out of dodge in a hurry and were off for more adventures in other parts of a galaxy far, far away. From the look of things, season two picks up right where the first one left us, with our... Read more

The Electric First Trailer for Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven’ Is Here | RELEVANT

Aaron Sorkin not only wrote but directed his take on the true story of the Chicago Seven the men who were arrested while protesting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, setting off one of the strangest trials in American history. Your tolerance for Sorkin probably largely depends on how much you enjoy cartwheeling dialog and... Read more

Here’s the First Trailer for ‘Faith Based’ The Christian Movie Satire You Knew Was Coming | RELEVANT

Two lovable losers hatch a plan to make a quick buck off the faithful when they realize that making a successful Christian movie doesn’t require you to be much of a Christian or much of a filmmaker. That’s the setup forFaith Based, starring Luke Barnett, Tanner Thomason, Margaret Cho, David Koechner, Lance Reddick and Jason... Read more

Time to Watch the New Trailer for ‘No Time to Die’ | RELEVANT

Bond is back, and we’ve got a real trailer for Cary Fukunaga’s first foray into the 007-verse withNo Time to Die, which will bring Daniel Craig back to the role (one last time, supposedly) reuniting withSpectre‘s La Seydoux, and also bring Captain Marvel‘s Lashana Lynch and Knives Out‘s Ana de Armas along for the ride.... Read more

The First Trailer for ‘Nomadland’ Promises a Somber Meditation on Modern America | RELEVANT

The first, brief trailer forNomadlanddoesn’t give us much to go on besides a lovely, plaintive score and Frances McDormand going for a morning stroll among a caravan of modern-day nomads out in the middle of nowhere American West. But the film doesn’t need to show much more than that, given its promising pedigree. First up,... Read more

Face Your Fears With the First Trailer for ‘Dune’ | RELEVANT

Fear is the mind-killer and Timothe Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Jason Momoa, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem and Josh Brolin are prepared to face it. And now, with the first trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s hotly anticipatedDuneadaptation, we’ve got a look at just what the latest iteration of the battle for the fate of Arrakis... Read more

The Internet Has Already Solved the Riddle in ‘The Batman’ Teaser Trailer | RELEVANT Magazine

On Saturday, the first teaser for Matt Reeves’The Batmandropped, giving everyone a first look at Rob Pattinson’s moody, gothy, bone-crunching Dark Knight. It’a great teaser with a surprising amount of footage for a movie that got shut down by COVID-19 woes just a quarter of the way through production, proving that there’s still room for... Read more

Check Out the First Trailer for Sophia Coppola’s ‘On the Rocks,’ Starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones | RELEVANT Magazine

Bill Murray has reunited with Sophia Coppola for the first time since the pair’s classicLost In Translationfor a new look at love and family, and they brought Rashida Jones along for the ride. The movie is called On the Rocks, and it stars Murray as a boozy, aging cad and Jones as his disillusioned daughter... Read more