3 Ways COVID-19 Could Transform Us for Better or for Worse

Unprecedented: Its the word thats repeatedly been used to describe the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting circumstances and its a word that is almost cringe-worthy at this point. By definition, it refers to something never before known or experienced.To some personalities, new and different is easily tolerated, or can even be exciting, but to others,... Read more

Transform me by Your Spirit | by Gail Rodgers

Does life sometimes seem dull and grey, ebbing away in busy activity? Your faith is still intact, yet does your life lack that dynamic sense of energy and purposefulness that is the birthright of Gods children? Some days I feel it too. The Holy Spirit in our lives offers us the power to be able... Read more

How the Gospel-Centered Enneagram Can Rework Your Marriage | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The Enneagram is turning into a widely-used device for self-awareness, however when seen by way of the lens of the Gospel, it has the ability to strengthen and restore relationships.  Studying to speak and resolve battle together with your partner is loads much less about getting it proper and extra about gaining... Read more