Pandemic ‘transforms the Church into Netflix’

(Photo: Unsplash/John Schnobrich)The Covid-19 pandemic has "propelled the Church into the contemporary world," says a new report from CPAS, an Anglican evangelical mission agency working with UK and Irish churches.'Everyone Welcome Online' looks at the lockdown's impact on churches and concludes, "Last month we were the Odeon, today we are Netflix."In the 1950s, the Odeon was... Read more

The Contact That Transforms | Devotional by Charles Stanley

[ad_1] Learn: Matthew 8:1-4 Jesus Heals a Man With Leprosy When Jesus got here down from the mountainside, giant crowds adopted him. A person with leprosy got here and knelt earlier than him and mentioned, Lord, if you're keen, you can also make me clear. Jesus reached out his hand and touched the person. I'm... Read more

How Jesus Transforms Simply Be Variety

[ad_1] Simply be form. It’s greater than a phrase. It’s a motion. The slogan started with some youngsters in Central Indiana promoting indicators, T-shirts, and key chains, and now its affect is spreading all through the world. The precept is primary, and its supporters insist the maxim would profit us all. The supporting phrase is... Read more