Bible translators keep working despite pandemic challenges – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Pandemic restrictions are changing operations for nearly every business under the sun. Read our full coronavirus coverage here. Bain & Company, a global business consulting firm, is tracking the changes taking place across industries. On Tuesday, it issued this grim assessment: Fiscal and monetary policymakers across the world have taken unprecedented steps... Read more

Needed: Bible translators – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] United States Believers world wide are eager for Scripture of their mom languages. May you be one of many individuals who makes that doable? Bible translation powerhouse Wycliffe USA is trying to find believers known as to carry Scripture to their brothers and sisters in Christ. (Photograph courtesy of Wycliffe USA) The group is... Read more

How do Bible translators choose the following language to work on?

[ad_1] Worldwide (MNN) — Have you ever ever puzzled how Bible translation ministries choose the following language theyre going to work on? Theres extra to it than simply marking off a guidelines. DOOR Worldwide has labored on signal language Bible translations for the Deaf for 13 years. Rob Myers, President and CEO of DOOR, says... Read more