Finding answers in the Bible to trauma and grief in the age of Covid-19

(Photo: Unsplash/Karim Manjra)Pearl Liddle, of the Scottish Bible Society, is a facilitator with the Trauma Healing Institute, a Bible-based programme run through churches to help people, both Christians and non-Christians, find answers to their pain and grief in God's Word.  In the age of Covid-19, when many people around the world are suffering on different... Read more

9 Things You Should Know about Trauma

One of the single biggest barriers to my own healing from trauma was the Churchs teaching on denying ourselves.The church warned me about the dangers of:My emotions: They were the optional caboose in the train of faith, as Bill Bright put it.My desires: They were invariably worldly and sinful.My judgement: It was pride talking.There is... Read more

How I Overcame Childhood Trauma

Abuse: treat a person with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.Unfortunately, childhood abuse is common, and if you have experienced it, whether physical, verbal, or sexual, I want to say that I am sorry for what happened to you. No excuse in the world can excuse what that person did to you, but I... Read more

Set Free: Finding freedom in Christ after trauma - Mission Network News

Set Free: Discovering freedom in Christ after trauma – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] USA (MNN) — The Nationwide Council for Trauma experiences that almost 70 p.c of adults within the US have skilled trauma of their lives – thats roughly 223.four million folks. The quantity grows exponentially worldwide. Since trauma is such a widespread affliction, how ought to the Physique of Christ reply to its impression on... Read more

6 Prayers for Marital Intimacy After Sexual Trauma

6 Prayers for Marital Intimacy After Sexual Trauma

[ad_1] Can I ask you a private query? she stated. After all, I replied. I already knew what she was going to say. Many earlier than her had already requested, however I used to be nonetheless grappling with tips on how to reply. She hesitated, as if bracing herself to talk phrases bodily painful to... Read more

Healing Racial Trauma

Therapeutic Racial Trauma

[ad_1] The general public outcry over household separations got here from all fronts, from the far left to the far proper politically. The e-book of Lamentations 2:11 captures what number of felt: My eyes are spent with weeping; my abdomen churns; my bile is poured out on the bottom due to the destruction of my... Read more