Symbols of Hope in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – Christ and Pop Culture

Shortly after my family began self-quarantining in the middle of March, I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for the first time, flipping pages on my iPad while sprawled out on the living room floor. Id driven home from college over spring break and was confronting the fact that quarantine had shrunk my world to... Read more

The Cross and the Lynching Tree: A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

Five-thousand steps, 2.2miles. A man just shy of his 26th birthday stepped out into the sun and ran for the final time upon this earth. Five-thousand steps, 2.2miles. He encountered two men who tested positive for confederate COVID-1619. The disease is often asymptomatic and spreads through human contact, rhetoric, ignorance, and family relationship. Ahmaud Arberya... Read more

Gods Folks Arent Spectacular. Simply Take a look at Mosess Household Tree.

[ad_1] The Bible is unquestionably historical past’s most trustworthy e-book. Its unfettered and brutal transparency in regards to the unimpressive nature of God’s chosen individuals, even its human authors, testifies to its authenticity. The gospel makes this level powerfully. Jesus, the God-man, entered human historical past, lived a sinless life, died a sinners dying, and... Read more