5 Reasons the Trinity Matters So Much

Were told its difficult to describe, impossible to understand, and not even found in the Bible. So why should we care about the Trinity, aside from the fact that its true? Much has already been written and said about why the doctrine of the Trinity is so central. But the essential importance of understanding God... Read more

Is the Trinity in Genesis 1?

Is the Trinity in Genesis 1?

[ad_1] Is the Trinity in Genesis 1? The reply is a simple sure. As a result of God is Father, Son, and Spirit yesterday, at present, and ceaselessly, the holy Trinity is current on each web page of holy Scripture, together with Genesis 1. Although affirming the presence of the Trinity on each web page... Read more

Podcast: Common Misconceptions about the Trinity (Fred Sanders)

Podcast: Widespread Misconceptions concerning the Trinity (Fred Sanders)

[ad_1] This text is a part of the The Crossway Podcast collection. Making Sense of a Mysterious Actuality On this episode, Fred Sanders discusses what it actually means to say that God is a Trinitythree individuals in a single God. He explains why the doctrine of the Trinity is crucial to the gospel even when... Read more