10 Reasons You Might be Uncomfortable Talking about Race

It is the elephant in the room. You know it is there, but you silently hope the topic would disappear. Race is here and it is not going away. Education, advocacy, and open, honest dialogue is needed for growth and sustained change to occur. In recent months, there have been global protests, cries for justice... Read more

Carlos Whittaker: If You’re Serious About Justice, You’re Going to Have to Get Uncomfortable | RELEVANT Magazine

Carlos Whittaker has spent the last few years trying to get Christians to join him in the deep end of the pool. By his read, far too many Christians are playing it too safe living for maximum comfort and striving to keep their lives as safe, orderly and unremarkable as possible. He’s always demanded... Read more

Poll: Most Americans Are Still Uncomfortable With Going Back to Church | RELEVANT Magazine

Although America is beginning to re-open its doors to local businesses, Americans themselves remain mostly uneasy with the idea of things going back to normal. That holds true for church as well, as a new study from American Enterprise Institute found that 64 percent respondents were either “somewhat” or “very” uncomfortable with going back... Read more

Chip, Joanna Gaines Family Sits Down for an Uncomfortable Conversation about Racism with Emmanuel Acho

Chip, Joanna Gaines Family Sits Down for an Uncomfortable Conversation about Racism with Emmanuel Acho The entire Chip and Joanna Gaines family joined Emmanuel Acho to discuss racial injustice in his video series, Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man. And their powerful conversation aimed at improving the world for future generations is truly... Read more

Love’s Uncomfortable | Devotional by Folasade Oladapo

[ad_1] And stroll in the best way of affection, simply as Christ liked us and gave himself up for us as a aromatic providing and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5:2 It was not a simple factor to do. However Jesus did it anyway. He died on a cross in obedience to the desire of God... Read more

You Want a Theology of Uncomfortable Grace

[ad_1] Damaged-Down Home Life on this terribly damaged world is difficult. You might be continually coping with the frustration of this world not working the way in which God supposed. You might be all the time dealing with the surprising. Nearly day by day you might be required to take care of one thing you... Read more

Uncomfortable | Ideas about God by Mike Woodard

[ad_1] Father, he prayed, my Father! All issues are potential for you. Take this cup of struggling away from me. But not what I need, however what you need. Mark 14:36 (GMT) Just lately I organized an in a single day go to with a longtime pal. Our lives had gone in two very totally... Read more