‘Unique’ Christian artefact uncovered at Hadrian’s Wall

A fragment with Christian symbols etched across it(Photo: The Vindolanda Trust)A "unique" discovery at Hadrian's Wall is offering a tantalising glimpse into early Christianity in Britain. Archaeologists found "incredibly rare" fragments of a chalice buried in the rubble of a former 6th century church at Vindolanda, a ruined Roman fort that lies just south of... Read more

Uncovered medieval sacristy yields clues about Westminster Abbey’s past

An aerial view of the dig on the North Green(Photo: Westminster Abbey)A sacristy uncovered by archaeologists in the grounds of Westminster Abbey is offering up clues about the landmark's medieval past. Archaeologists are at work in the grounds of the abbey to find out more about its medieval footprint before a new visitor centre is... Read more

Bronze cross among finds at ancient Christian settlement uncovered in Israel

A mosaic floor found at Pi Mazuva(Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority)Archaeologists in Israel have found what they believe to be an ancient Christian settlement dating back to the 7th century AD. Pi Mazuva was first discovered in 2007 and ongoing research at the site has brought many artefacts to light, offering insights into the nature of... Read more